Open Logic Sniffer shipping

Seeed has started sending shipment notifications for the Open Logic Sniffer. Now the hard part, waiting for the mail. Let us know how your OLS unboxing goes, share your experience in the forum.

There are a few OLS units left from the first batch. You can pick one up at Seeed for $45, including worldwide shipping. New orders should ship in the next few days.

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  1. What is the brand and model number of the probe tips in the photo? Do they grip securely? The cheap ones force you to spent time checking them and reattaching them when they fall off, so I don’t mind spending money on good ones.

    1. it looks like it is the cableset from sealogic logicanalyzer (judging by the colors). In the forum there are some suggestions about cable and probes. I have recently ordered a couple of buspirate cable probes extra for this baby. It has 8 large hooks and 2 smaller (only the larger hooks work reliable, the smaller ones seems to lose easily grip). I’m only seeking for very flexable cable..

      BTW I can wait for it to arrive. Good job, ian and jack!

  2. Yeah mine still lists as backorder… I wonder how many they sold that it’s taking days to ship them out like this?

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