#twatch shipped, Bus Pirate shipping


Seeed Studio just sent word that the #twatch shipped over the past few days. Bus Pirate v3 preorder 1 is shipping now.

The #twatch shipped about 2 weeks later than the earliest possible delivery date. There was a major holiday in China that slowed everything down. Bus Pirate v3 preorder 1, by comparison, started after the holiday and is shipping only a few days later.

We’re still figuring out how to announce the ship-date on preorders, your feedback would be helpful. We’ve given the best-case delivery date based on Seeed’s quotes. If the quote says 10 days, we list a date two weeks after the preorder concludes. It might be better to add a week, giving most orders a delivery date 3-4 weeks after the preorder ends. If it ships early, everyone is pleasantly surprised.

After we get a bit more experience we might have kits or assembled hardware for immediate delivery. For now, Seeed is going to make a few extra of each project. You can now buy a #twatch for immediate delivery. There’s also a few Bus Pirates left in preorder 2, which should ship in about 4 weeks.

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  1. Ian, I have dealt with Chinese and Taiwanese factories for many years and even worked for one directly. Pad the delivery as much as you can and let the customer be surprised. If all the materials are in house then you can get a good ship date but until then pad it.

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