Bus Pirate preorder 2 unboxing


***UPDATE*** If your preorder 2 Bus Pirate doesn’t work, try bootloading the latest firmware. We’ve had one report that a preorder 2 v2go shipped with the latest bootloader but no firmware. The bonus is you get the latest bootloader (v2), but you have to add the latest firmware yourself. More info as we figure out what’s going on.

We’ve gotten reports of Bus Pirate v2gos from Hack a Day’s long-delayed preorder 2 starting to arrive. Feel free to share your unboxing experience here, or in the forum.

Don’t forget to upgrade to the latest firmware, it’s got a ton of bug fixes. If you need help with the Bus Pirate, check out the Bus Pirate manual and the Bus Pirate forum for help. We’ve got a few accessories for the Bus Pirate, like a 3-EEPROM explorer board and LCD library adapter.

Artwork by Aaron, Creative Commons Attribution 3.0.

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