Hack a Day's Bus Pirate preorder 2: revision B5?

Posted on Thursday, September 17th, 2009 in Bus Pirate by Ian

Bus Pirate v2go
Firmware v2.2-nightly
DEVID:0x0447 REVID:0x3043 (B5)

Hack a Day’s preorder 2 Bus Pirates are starting to arrive worldwide. Remember to upgrade the firmware when it arrives.

We’ve had one report that the latest preorder was assembled with revision B5 PIC 24FJ64GA002 chips. Press ‘i’ in the Bus Pirate terminal to see your PIC version. What revision did you get?
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5 Responses to “Hack a Day's Bus Pirate preorder 2: revision B5?”

  1. FoX says:

    Bus Pirate v2go
    Firmware v2.1
    DEVID:0x0447 REVID:0x3043 (B5)

  2. djand says:

    Same here, almost worth the really long wait. ;}

    Firmware v2.1
    DEVID:0x0447 REVID:0x3043 (B5)

  3. CaitSith2 says:

    Firmware v2.1
    DEVID:0x0447 REVID:0x3043 (B5)

  4. FoX says:

    Ian, may I ask why this revision deserves a post on your blog ? Is there some issues with it ?

  5. Ian says:

    @fox – It’s actually very exciting – Hack a Day’s preorder 2 got the latest and newest PIC chip version (revision B5) from Microchip. We didn’t know what would ship in it (A3/4, B4, B5).

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