The Audrey Braille Display

David Pankhurst has a very interesting open source project, The Audrey Braille Display, which aims to lower the cost of braille displays.  A braille display allows blind people to read output from a computer. Traditional displays cost several thousand dollars while this project is aiming for displays costing only hundreds of dollars.  This is accomplished by using […]

The Resistor JelTone: an edible toy piano

A group from  NYC Resistor (Ranjit Bhatnagar, Astrida Valigorsky, Mimi Hui and Catarina Mota) made an edible toy piano, called The Resistor JelTone, for the Jello Mold Competition. As part of our experiments we realized that jello and fruit, which contain a lot of water, are conductive. Embedded in each jello/fruit key is a sterling silver pin (food safe) connected to […]

A marriage proposal via a PCB design

Bill Porter proposed to his girlfriend, Mara Tuchman, in a very unique way via a modified PCB design.  This was carried out with the help of James “Laen” Neal from DorkpotPDX. Mara had designed a PCB for a project and Bill had the brilliant idea to use it to propose. This is her first time getting a circuit […]

3D printing with solar sintered sand

Markus Kayser has a very interesting project, called SolarSinter, where he is using the energy from the sun to fuse sand into glass.  This is very thought provoking as it utilizes two very ubiquitous things solar energy and sand.  While the printer does not has very high precision at the moment, it does appear to […]