Camera Wing for Papilio One PCB giveaway at Gadget Factory

Gadget Factory is giving away 8 Papilio One Camera wing PCBs . This can be used with a FPGA and some open VHDL code to display video on a PC. The first 8 people to send an email with a shipping address to will get the free PCB’s! (Note: this is a bare PCB […]

Move pins on the fly on the Papilio FPGA board

Gadget Factory started a weekly series of tutorials for their Papilio FPGA development boards. This week they cover how to move IO pins around and change their assignments. Possibly the most exciting feature of the Papilio is the ability to shift peripheral functionality to any pin at any time, completely on the fly. Shifting SPI […]

Open 7400 Logic Competition: new Sponsor and more Prizes!

We are pleased to announce that the Gadget Factory is now sponsoring the open 7400 logic Competition, This is right up any FPGA enthusiasts alley, Dangerous Prototypes is having an Open 7400 Logic Contest contest to see who can put together the best project utilizing 7400 series logic chips. There are many great prizes including an Arcade MegaWing with […]

Logic Sniffer: 3.07 Demon core release

There’s a new one-stop shop for the Logic Sniffer at Gadget Factory, with Linux and Windows update packages containing the latest 3.07 releases: OpenBench Logic Sniffer Version 3.07 is now available for download at the new Logic Sniffer information portal. For more information take a look at the Release Notes. This release was generated with […]

Logic Sniffer: 3.06 Demon Core test

The Gadget Factory has a complete upgrade package for the new v3 Logic Sniffer core and firmware: Here is a package that eliminates the hassle of getting up and running with the latest “Demon” Core. Included is Jawi’s latest client and an upgraded version of the OLS Upgrader. The OLS Upgrader will step you through […]

How-to use OLS to debug fpga

Jack Gassett put together a series of videos, at The Gadget Factory demonstrating how to debug the internal logic of an fpga using the open workbench logic sniffer. “When I was debugging the UART communications last week I discovered a new way to debug internal FPGA logic. I put together a screencast for those who […]

Papilio barcode genie, a barcode scanning kit

The Gadget Factory, co-designer of the Open Logic Sniffer, has a new portable barcode scanning kit based on the Papilio FPGA platform. It is called the Papilio Barcode Genie kit or Barcode Genie for short. It is a kit for the Papilio One that makes it easy to capture barcodes and save them to a […]

Logic Sniffer upgrade v2.1 released

Package v2.1 is the first official upgrade release for the Logic Sniffer. Download it now at the Gadget Factory. This version has a lot of updates that should fix a bunch of problems in the initial release: FPGA bitstream v2.1 with high-speed SPI connection between the PIC and FPGA. This eliminates most ‘hardware not found’ […]

Logic Sniffer quick start video

Openbench Logic Sniffer is an open source logic analyzer. It’s designed to support the SUMP logic analyzer software at the lowest possible cost. This project is a collaboration between the Gadget Factory and Dangerous Prototypes. Logic Sniffers are starting to arrive worldwide, and the Gadget Factory has a quick start video to get you going […]