GIVEAWAY: Little Wire USB controlled multi-tool winners

Today we announce the winners of the Little Wire USB controlled multi-tool. There were lots of great ideas for projects based on the Little Wire, thanks for your submissions. tech2077 wins a Little Wire for his USB body monitoring system: I would use this for a usb based body monitoring system with multiple sensors for […]

GIVEAWAY: 2 Little Wire USB controlled multi-tool

Little Wire is multi-featured USB controlled open source hardware tool packed in a minimal form factor designed by ihsan Kehribar. Even though it has minimal form factor, and packed with full of features, there aren’t any SMT components involved, therefore it is very suitable for beginners to assemble. This tool has to take instructions at […]

Renesas RX210 demo board promotion

Renesas is making the RX210 promotional demo board available free to eligible registrants. This board is based on the RX210 ultra-low power, low-voltage Flash MCU. You can download the board’s schematic here. This promotion is open to residents of the United States, Canada, Mexico & South America. Other restrictions may apply. In order to qualify, […]

Simplecortex v1.3 Cortex M3 dev-board winner

Today we announce the winner of the Simplecortex v1.3 Cortex M3 Dev Board with onboard debugger!  There were lots of great ideas, thanks for your submissions. Congratulations to Ruiner, his idea for a network music player scored him the Simplecortex v1.3: I’ll add a high quality DAC and build a network music player. A small touchscreen would allow […]

GIVEAWAY: Simplecortex v1.3 Cortex M3 dev-board

Simplecortex v1.3 is a Cortex M3 dev-board with an on-board debugger. It’s Arduino shield compatible, so you can turbo charge shields with a 32 bit ARM processor.  It features a LPC1769 Cortex M3 microcontroller from NXP with 512KB of flash, 64KB of RAM, and a 120 MHz top speed. To make sure that the Simplecortex […]

Instructables is having a huge 3D printer giveaway

Instructables is having a huge 3D printer giveaway. Enter until 6th of June for the chance to win an Objet desktop 3D printer with a 6 month printing material supply, an UP! 3D printer, or free 3D printing services: This is your chance to win an Objet 3D Printer with a 6 month supply of […]

GIVEAVAY: 2 Hakko tips and 1 heavy-duty solder paste

Lets take a break from the geek tour and give away two more Hakko 900M-T-3C soldering iron tips, and one can of heavy duty solder paste. This paste is too acidic and corrosive for PCB use. It’s intended for heavy duty soldering, like joining or repairing copper pipes. We’ll give these away to 3 random […]

Our big box of traveling parts is in the wild

We are constantly developing prototypes, so we end up with a large pile of unused components. When we moved to a new location we realized some components sat untouched since the previous move. A while ago we read about the The Great Internet Migratory Box Of Electronics Junk and decided this was a perfect way […]