GIVEAWAY: Vacuum florescent character displays

This week we’re giving away 2×20 character vacuum florescent displays to three winners (2 each). It interfaces just like a typical HD44780 LCD, but the display uses blue-green VFD characters. VFDs are always very popular, but also very expensive. Pulls are the only affordable source we’ve found. Leave a comment on this post with a […]

NU-Xtal packages winner

Today we announce the winner of the NU-Xtal packages!  These boards are quartz crystal and load capacitance breakouts, designed for breadboard prototyping by Mats. There were lots of great ideas, thanks for your submissions. Congratulations to Kevin, his idea for a function generator scored him the NU-Xtal 20 Mhz package: I have been thinking about making a […]

Scratch and dent boards winners

Today we announce the winners of the 5 special coupon codes that can be redeemed for any one of these boards. Congratulations to Tom Price, his idea for a guitar gadget with an accelerometer as a sensor scored him special coupon code: Would like an accelerometer breakout for a no-moving-parts wah wah pedal… pretty please! The idea […]

GIVEAWAY: Scratch and dent boards

Scuffs and dings in the silkscreen, misprints, an occasional short circuit or dead chip – whatever the reason, these prototypes are too dangerous to be sold. Seeed Studio sent us all the scratch and dent boards that have gathered over the years – Bus Pirates, Infrared Toys, Bus Blasters, and even the now discontinued #Twatch. […]

GIVEAWAY: MSP430 LaunchPad

Today we announce the recipient of the  MSP430 LaunchPad.  There were lots of great ideas for projects based on the MSP430 LaunchPad, thanks for your submissions. Chris gets a MSP430 for his open source aquarium automation idea: I’m busy with some Opens Source Aquarium Automation project (well, the first phase will only be to automatically […]