App note: Voltage Reference Application and Design Note

App note from Renesas on the basics of voltage reference. Link here (PDF) Conceptually, a voltage reference is a very simple device with only one purpose in its life. Quite simply, the purpose of a voltage reference is to generate an exact output voltage no matter what happens with respect to its operating voltage, load […]

App note: Nonideality of ground

Ground in PCB design, another app note about grounds from Renesas. Link here (PDF) Ground is supposed to be ideal. It should be a black hole for stray currents where the voltage is always zero. Unfortunately, those stray currents travel through some non-superconducting material, so small voltages arise. You may not notice small changes in […]

App note: Achieving a stable power supply with fast transient response through digital control

Technical white paper from Renesas on using digital control loop to achieve more stable power supply. Link here (PDF) New trends and changing requirements in the power management industry influence how we design power supplies. Some, like the need for telemetry and system information, are more recent due to advancements in technology. Others, like the […]

App note: Color sensing improves look and feel of smart products

Renesas’ white paper on applications of RGB sensors. Link here (PDF) Color printers also require an accurate sensor to ensure that during calibration and printing the correct amount of ink is being deposited onto the paper—an essential requirement when the target output is for color photographs.

App note: Eye safety for proximity sensing using infrared light-emitting diodes

A guide to human eye safety for designers of consumer products, app note from Renesas. Link here (PDF) Active Proximity Sensing for Consumer products requires the use of a light-emitting component to illuminate the target object to be detected at some distance from the sensor. Typically, product designers do not want the illumination to interfere […]

App note: Driving E ink segmented displays

Application note on driving E Ink displays from Renesas. Link here (PDF) E Ink segmented displays are direct drive displays consisting of E Ink Vizplex Imaging Film sandwiched between two electrode layers, the top plane and the backplane, and then encased in an environmental barrier solution to protect the film and the segment electrodes. To […]

Renesas promotion board for RL78/G13

Renesas is offering a free development board to those willing to register and give up some information about a potential project. They describe, “The YRPBRL78G13 is a promotion board for the new Renesas RL78 microcontroller family. It supports on-board debugging, flash programming, and is pre-programmed to work with the GUI provided on the included DVD […]

Renesas RX210 demo board promotion

Renesas is making the RX210 promotional demo board available free to eligible registrants. This board is based on the RX210 ultra-low power, low-voltage Flash MCU. You can download the board’s schematic here. This promotion is open to residents of the United States, Canada, Mexico & South America. Other restrictions may apply. In order to qualify, […]

NimbleSig III RF analyzer using Renesas RX62N

Va7sa designed this RF analyzer as his entry in the Renesas RX design contest. He writes: The NimbleSig III RF Analyzer is a compact, relatively inexpensive instrumentation cluster intended for analyzing the transmission characteristics of RF circuits designed to operate within the frequency range of 200 KHz to 200 MHz. The analyzer is capable of […]

Free Renesas RX62N dev board

The Renesas RX62N is a demonstration kit for a Renesas controller chip. The controller has a boat-load of features: 32-bits, DMA, 9 DSP instructions, Connectable SDRam Interface, 10/100Mbps Ethernet Controller, USB 2.0 with OTG possible, CAN module, AD converter, DA converter, 100MHz max operating frequency, CRC Calculator, plus many more. The demo board has a […]