GIVEAWAY: Four tubes of Amtech clone flux

Posted on Thursday, April 19th, 2012 in contest, Global Geek by DP

Today we giveaway four tubes of Amtech flux clones that we bought in Shenzhen. Leave a comment below, and we’ll pick 4 winners tomorrow.

There’s some speculation if this flux is good, bad, smelly, or worse. We’ll test it out in a future workshop video.

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98 Responses to “GIVEAWAY: Four tubes of Amtech clone flux”

  1. Chiva says:

    There is never enough!

  2. Greg says:

    What’s the chances of me winning? I did think slim to none but then I won \o/
    Comment folks, it can be done!

  3. Peter says:

    For fine Fluking forceps with the funny flux!

  4. Cosmin says:

    This flux should be like the one in the syringe you have I`d say.

  5. Kiran says:

    I need one to make bus blaster v3..Currently I am using rosin core solder without flux

  6. TiBounise says:

    Need one to begin SMD soldering :P

  7. Paul says:

    Is this slippy stuff? I won’t mention my fetish! :)

  8. Zdravko says:

    My flux is almost over.. a bit of luck and I can have a new one ;)

  9. Philip says:

    up time for soldering! ganna try that with my new wheeler station

  10. FoX says:

    Nice to have in your workshop !

  11. xristos says:

    Need one !:D

  12. teslatree says:

    I could use some

  13. kyle wood says:

    I never win these things but I still keep trying. I need FLUX! !!!!!!!!

  14. ben says:

    its pretty good flux, iv used it loads very sticky doesnt smell too bad but it does smoke a fair bit, perfect for smd as it hold them in place while you tack the legs

  15. Ben says:

    Dunno why I’m still trying

  16. Giuseppe says:

    I’d like one flux, very useful!

  17. kuhltwo says:

    I would love to try some of that, I have one the “flower” prototype boards I would like to try this out on.

  18. kmmankad says:

    Some for me too please!

  19. wavo wig says:

    Yeay! Flux!

  20. Ken says:

    Need… flux… now!!!


  21. Dan says:

    I could use some flux

  22. Noy says:

    Pleased to have one!

  23. Vladimir says:

    Give me one please.

  24. John says:

    that’d be much nicer in some cases than the flux pen I have.

  25. David says:

    Holy flux!

  26. cubeberg says:

    I would love to try some syringe flux!

  27. Gary says:

    I want one please!

  28. Dimitris says:

    I could use one for my projects.

  29. Felix says:

    could be worth a try
    should work much better than my rosin/ethanol mixture, especially for smd soldering

  30. Matt says:

    I’m getting ready to start a project that’s going to use a gallon of flux, and this would be awesome!

    Okay, maybe not a gallon, but a lot anyway…

    Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  31. Elio says:

    this one is interesting…

  32. Alecs says:

    want some

  33. Blaaz says:


  34. Francisco R. Pereira says:

    one please

  35. Scott says:

    Flux me gently!

  36. Ian Lee says:

    Flux’n A! Send it my way!

  37. nato says:

    Cool! Enter me in the drawing please!

  38. TitanMKD says:

    Cool maybe it is better than my Chip Quik SMD291 flux.

  39. DanAndDusty says:

    Yes please. Willing to test the flux for you and see if it performs here the same as it does over there :)

  40. WallaceIT says:

    me please!

  41. drew says:

    comment, lol could not think of anything better to write

  42. JiTs says:

    Give flux to the peoopppleee! :)

  43. Michael says:

    MMmmmmm FLUX plz

  44. Eric B says:

    {Waving hand way up in the air} ME! ME!

  45. FourthDr says:

    FFFFFFLLLLLLLLLLLUUUUUUUUUUUUxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D

  46. itap says:

    give me the flux!! :P

  47. Jaxxco says:

    I could use one.

  48. I know there’s a joke about surface mount capacitors in here somewhere.

  49. SaakNeMah says:


  50. Flavor says:

    I could use some flux.

  51. Wity says:

    i need one, plzz :)

  52. George says:

    What the flux?

  53. Christopher says:

    This flux would be nice for some experimentation

  54. Ian G says:

    I’d like a tube of flux … please :)

  55. Spikee says:

    would be nice

  56. Benny Boy says:

    I’ll try it, have a bus pirate to assemble…

  57. Dimitris Lyberis says:

    i want one please!!!!

  58. RTGR says:

    Would be cool!

  59. Mechengineer says:

    Can always use flux

  60. hlipka says:

    Flux is always a good thing :)

  61. Steve Sousa says:


  62. Superworms says:


  63. Tim says:

    AAHH FLUUXXX !! I didn’t win the tweezers.

  64. Brandon says:

    I would love a tube.

  65. juan delacosta says:

    so we put our lot in

  66. Benni says:

    a new flux would be a great idea :)

  67. Mati says:

    I hope I will be the lucky one this time :P

  68. Energos says:

    Yes, I always need more flux for my flux capacitor.

  69. Dan says:

    Please send me one.

    Thank you,


  70. Janci says:

    Wow, these come only in solid form where I live. Increasing the chances :)

  71. Trickett says:

    You can never have too much flux

  72. Rich says:

    Please I’d love to try one!

  73. Theo says:

    Flamin’ flux fosters the fortunes of the fluxless.
    It’s early in the morning here gimme break.

  74. lord_dew says:

    could definitly use a good flux!

  75. Bruce Gentle says:

    yes please

  76. jacobb says:

    Count me in

  77. David says:

    Here is my flux comment. I guess my status is in flux. ;-)

  78. vitya says:

    Still here… hoping… :)

  79. Bayu says:

    flux flux flux……….

  80. Konstantin Z says:

    Holy flux!

  81. Adrian V says:


  82. blodgar says:


  83. Skappy says:

    Hi Ian,
    that is the occasion for me to test cmos soldering …
    Would be happy to receive one …

    Thank you very much

    Have a nice day

  84. cinghielo says:


  85. Derek Kozel says:

    Photos of me using it if I get some. I have a new hacked reflow oven that I’d love to test!

  86. oliver says:

    Will it be as good as homemade flux? :D

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