Simplecortex v1.3 Cortex M3 dev-board winner

Today we announce the winner of the Simplecortex v1.3 Cortex M3 Dev Board with onboard debugger!  There were lots of great ideas, thanks for your submissions.

Congratulations to Ruiner, his idea for a network music player scored him the Simplecortex v1.3:

I’ll add a high quality DAC and build a network music player.
A small touchscreen would allow to display playlists, cover art, lyrics etc.
I would design it so that you can have multiple players at your home that are synchronized and play the same song everywhere. It has to be really good in sync to sound good, especially when you are between two players and can hear both.

Thank you to Simplecortex team for the free swag.

Thank you for participating, there were a bunch of great ideas.

The Simplecortex v1.3  is available for $45.00 from ITead Studio.

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  1. Yay, support MP3 and add bookmarks so we can start and stop multiple podcast and audio book files and have them play where we left-off ;-)

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