Simplecortex v1.3 Cortex M3 dev-board winner

Today we announce the winner of the Simplecortex v1.3 Cortex M3 Dev Board with onboard debugger!  There were lots of great ideas, thanks for your submissions. Congratulations to Ruiner, his idea for a network music player scored him the Simplecortex v1.3: I’ll add a high quality DAC and build a network music player. A small touchscreen would allow […]

GIVEAWAY: Simplecortex v1.3 Cortex M3 dev-board

Simplecortex v1.3 is a Cortex M3 dev-board with an on-board debugger. It’s Arduino shield compatible, so you can turbo charge shields with a 32 bit ARM processor.  It features a LPC1769 Cortex M3 microcontroller from NXP with 512KB of flash, 64KB of RAM, and a 120 MHz top speed. To make sure that the Simplecortex […]

Simplecortex ARM Cortex M3 dev board

Riktw designed, and got ITead Studio to produce, a Cortex M3 based Arduino compatible board called Simplecortex. The board uses the LPC1769 microcontroller from NXP: The Simplecortex is a microcontroller development board that is shield compatible with the Arduino. The Simplecortex has a fast microcontroller, the LPC1769 from NXP. This is a ARM Cortex M3 […]