Inside SQKYbeaver’s lab and giveaway

SQKYbeaver is busy in his “lab” building an AVR fuse doctor that Systemstech sent us. Thanks Systemstech! We will be giving the completed project away. Leave a comment here, and this board could be yours on Monday.

Live stream of the build below the fold.

Streaming by Ustream

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  1. Need one of those! Accidentally blew the reset fuse and now have several sad AVRs just waiting to be brought back to life!

    Pick meeeeee :)

  2. Ill do another blog post Monday, and try to have an edited video up too. an hour of soldering is not that exciting ;)

      1. OK, I’ll admit it is a little exciting.

        There was no audio recorded, there is a lot of background noise today and it would have been picked up and made the video worse.

  3. I happen to have quite a few mis-fused AVRs in my “I-should-really-get-an-HV-programmer” box but alas, that has not happened yet. Maybe now?

  4. Just get an ATMEL Dragon for around $49 USD. Why people futz around with stuff like this amazes me. ATMEL did the right thing and uncrippled the Dragon (fight against the Marketing Goons). It is a go-to programmer/debugger with full control, JTAG, ISP, HVSP. Mine works great, years on end. Just use common sense when connecting it, and yes, you may need to buy a bit of extra parts to populate the headers and sockets (few bucks). RTFM…

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