GIVEAWAY: Two OSH Park prize packs winners

Posted on Monday, August 6th, 2012 in contest by DP

Today we announce the winners of the  two OSH Park prize packs.  There were lots of great ideas for projects based on the OSH Park prize packs, thanks for your submissions.

Rodrigo wins an OSH Park prize pack to use in a lab with his students:

I work in school and help a lot of students that study automation industrial. There are good equipaments, but nothing compared at buspirate, which can read differents signals on your inputs.

Another winner is Brad from the LVL1 hackerspace for the toy laser tag gun project:

I’m trying to build replacement electronics for these toy laser tag guns, to add features like easy expandability, new game modes, new weapons, new sounds, wireless score-keeping, and things like laser taser tag.

A bus pirate and some protoboards would be great tools for developing this!


Thank you for participating, there were a bunch of great ideas. As always feel free to share your projects in the forum.

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