Educational BoosterPack 8 bit FFT spectrum analyzer

SimpleAVR over at the 430h forum shows off his Educational BoosterPack 8 bit FFT Spectrum Analyzer project: SimpleAVR comes up with unique Launchpad projects. These include his  wire clock and spectrum analyzer projects. This time  he wired the CircuitCo Educational BoosterPack to a Launchpad to sample audio and have the LCD display a spectrum. Via […]

43Oh’s “name a device using MSP430” contest

Our friends at are conducting a contest. They ask: “Do you know of any devices or gadgets in the wild open market that have MSP430 microcontrollers in them?” They will be giving a Capacitive Touch BoosterPack to one lucky entrant! Their contest ends 12:00PM on 2/23/2012. Visit the 43Oh contest webpage for entry rules.

43oh winner PCB: camera intervalometer

43oh, a forum dedicated to the MSP430 microcontroller, hosts a design contest. Last month we gave free PCB coupons to the winners. The winners also let us host their boards in the free PCB drawer. This PCB is an MSP430-based camera intervalometer for taking time lapse photos. It triggers cameras with an infrared control, and […]

43oh Project of the month contest winners

We gave two PCB codes as prizes for a contest at 43oh. Here’s the winners: Congrats to andy1324 Okay so here is mine, it’s a small strotoscobic guitar tuner/development board for msp430 in 16 pin tssop package. and to xmob My entry, a camera intervalomter. For automatically taking photos at set intervals. This allows the […]