Scratch and dent boards winners

Today we announce the winners of the 5 special coupon codes that can be redeemed for any one of these boards.

Congratulations to Tom Price, his idea for a guitar gadget with an accelerometer as a sensor scored him special coupon code:

Would like an accelerometer breakout for a no-moving-parts wah wah pedal… pretty please! The idea would be to mount it in a rocker with a curved base.

rb wins a special coupon code to add Bus Blaster programming support for SiLabs C8051Fxxx MCU:

SiLabs C8051Fxxx MCU (C2) programming support for Bus Blaster…

Mikelelere wins a special coupon code for a Logic Sniffer to use in a lab with his students:

I would like to use the OpenBench logic Sniffer in the photograph to teach my students at the U the structure and functioning of a basic but really useful logic analyzer.

Another winner is rfr for his Dangerous DSO based PC oscilloscope idea:

I’m planning to build a small pc oscilloscope based on the dangerous DSO, if I had a logic sniffer I only had to connect this daughter board to it in order to have a working scope similar to the dangerous DSO

Tom Keddie wins a special coupon code for his couch with accelerometer sensor that plays music via MIDI:

I’m working up to building a small battery powered box with an accelerometer connected to an xbee pro. The boxes would talk back to a central node that feeds midi into a mac to generate different notes when each box is struck. The initial idea is to plant them in our old couches so the kids can jump from seat to seat to make music. They could also be buried in ziplocks to be jumped on (perhaps for halloween?).

I’m using the xbe pro as I need i2c so I need the second cpu on the pro. I’d love a bus pirate to prototype the driver for the i2c to the accelerometer and to program/deb

Thank you for participating, there were a bunch of great ideas. As always feel free to share your projects in the forum.

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  1. congrats to all

    rb, i have access to a bolth the rs232 and usb debuggers for silabs, let me know if you would like help with testing? f300, f121 ,f320, f340, f350

    1. thanks! that would be helpful. the flash programming interface seems standardized across devices, there only looks to be differences in flash layout so hopefully there won’t be any major problems

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