Extracting ROM constants from the 8087 math coprocessor’s die

Ken posted an article taking a closer look at Intel 8087 chip: Intel introduced the 8087 chip in 1980 to improve floating-point performance on the 8086 and 8088 processors, and it was used with the original IBM PC. Since early microprocessors operated only on integers, arithmetic with floating-point numbers was slow and transcendental operations such […]

Bus Pirate “Ultra”: using ADS7042 12bit Analog to Digital Converter from the FPGA

Beginning with Bus Pirate “Ultra” prototype v1d, all analog measurements are handled by the FPGA using an external serial Analog to Digital Converter chip. This lets us pipeline ADC measurements into the command queue so that bus interactions can be done with very precise timing. We’ll be using Texas Instruments’ series of tiny ADCs with […]

Demystifying hardware security with the Bus Pirate

Alain Iamburg over at FishNet Security writes: Welcome to Part III of this series on hardware security. In Part II we explored passive data captures of EEPROM read operations over the SPI bus. In this installment, we will be looking at techniques for actively probing and communicating with such chips. Memory chips can contain interesting data. […]

LTC4370: current-sharing controller with reverse current blocking

Here is an interesting part from Linear Technology, it’s the LTC4370 current-sharing controller, with reverse current blocking. Basically it allows you to tie two power supplies in parallel, without the fear that one will source more current than the other.  It also has built in protection that prevents the current from flowing into the supplies. […]

Counterfeit parts found on P-8 Poseidon’s ice detection system

Uwe wrote to us about the counterfeit chips used in US Military hardware. It turns out that the ice detection system on a Boeing P-8 Poseidon was defective.  The suspected culprits are used, and refurbished parts that were sold as new. remember the stories about ATmega328 fakes/duds about 2 years ago … when Seeed and […]

Trivia: CPLD on a PDIP?

Atmel produces what are believed to be the only CPLD devices sold in PDIP form: the ATF2500C and ATF750C . These devices are priced at between $5 and $8 at Digikey and Mouser. Programming hardware and software is available from Atmel. Atmel provides free design software known as WinCUPL, which mainly supports programming in the […]

PROTOTYPE: xQFP protoboard with SOIC, SSOP, 0805 footprints

Today we’re super excited to announce a new QFP prototype board for SMD parts, the newest addition to our Dangerous Protoboard collection. This giant protoboard has a xQFP breakout footprint, along with a score of other pads for SMD parts. Great for getting started with a new microcontroller. Dangerous Protoboard: xQFP. Prototype board for working […]

Christmas music on the Picaxe

If you need a quick source of canned Christmas music in a project, don’t forget the Picaxe line of microcontrollers from Revolution Education. All Picaxe “M” chips have three Christmas tunes preprogrammed and playable using the PLAY command: Jingle Bells, Silent Night, and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer!