Giveaway: Ten NU-Fithole PAW

Posted on Thursday, March 7th, 2013 in contest by DP

2013-03-07 16.38.38-W600

Mats has amazed us with his board a week projects, and now one of them could be yours!  Today Mats is giving away NU-FitHole hole size helper to ten random commenters.  This tool helps to determine exact hole dimensions for screws and other parts.

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78 Responses to “Giveaway: Ten NU-Fithole PAW”

  1. davide says:

    Great!!! i’m a commenter!!!

  2. Kent says:

    Very nice tool!

  3. Nicholas D'Annunzio says:

    That’s useful.

  4. GvendurE says:


  5. neslekkim says:

    Could use one of those

  6. Ryan F says:

    I am commenter too!

  7. Luis Jiménez says:

    Hey, I like it too

  8. Juan says:

    Nice for classifying! :)

  9. Brent Bolen says:

    Darn, I was hoping for a 2.4 hole.

  10. botmaker says:

    PCB Tool :) good to quickly verify component hole dimensions

  11. Menno says:

    Very useful!

  12. jechavarria says:

    Great tool and very useful for my day to day work. Will be lucky this time?

  13. Miguel Dávila says:

    Me.. please..

  14. Mike says:

    Totally cool and useful project!

  15. Alecs says:

    I need one of those

  16. hli says:

    I like it’s metric sizes (the one from ITead has only mils…)

  17. Kurt says:

    Oh yeah …..

  18. Adam says:

    Let’s try for it.

  19. Cosmin says:

    interesting ideea

  20. pepe2k says:

    So simple, so sweet!

  21. FrequentReader says:

    nice one…

  22. Keith Pimmel says:

    Neat, part II!

  23. ken says:

    nice idea

  24. Jeffery Fleischer says:

    Yes please!

  25. wavo wig says:

    That’d be a great tool!

  26. pyrosster says:

    Very useful! I need one of those.

  27. OH YEAH! The best thing so far since the beginning of the year!

  28. Raul Sandoval says:

    Really useful when trying to guess the diameter of your components.

  29. Skappy says:

    Hello the team,
    what’s certainely the most needed tool …
    Just cross my finger
    Have a nice day

  30. Rafa says:

    That’s very useful.

  31. Jiri says:

    Just tryin’

  32. Vitali says:

    Very nice idea

  33. SaakNeMah says:

    I’m in!

  34. Matt says:

    I think these gauge boards are great! good work.

  35. Rutger van Asselt says:

    Woot, Woot,

  36. Mike says:

    Really usefull!

  37. Glaisin says:

    A perfect tool for the visually challenged! Like me….

  38. Steve says:

    So many holes, so little time…

  39. Vladimir says:

    it’s really Really REALLY GREAT THING O.o

  40. Martinius says:

    I need this, i really do

  41. dps says:

    Comment! Fancy sizing board! Please! Thanks!

  42. Pedro Diogo says:

    Those are super handy I want one!

  43. Patrick says:

    I comment on things!

  44. Gel Banana says:

    This would be handy for me to get hole measurements quickly when creating cad library for parts without datasheets

  45. apb2390 says:

    This looks like an awesome project!

  46. Sander Baten says:

    I love to comment!

  47. Chad Adams says:

    This would be VERY nice to have. I recently laid out a board and had SeeedStudio make it. They did an awesome job. Wish I could say the same for me! I created 5 holes for mounting the PCB with screws. I messed them up and the screws are a VERY tight fit…I think I threaded the PCB a bit with the screws while trying to get them in. :-)

  48. Saswat Das says:

    Can you please give me this….

  49. Kawa says:

    Is it metric or imperial?

  50. Joseph Lutz says:

    Pick me! Oh! Oh! Pick me!

  51. Dan ringer says:

    Ill play!

  52. Petr says:

    Really nice tool.

  53. César says:

    Let me know when and where I can buy a couple of these. Chances are, I’ll have none XD.

  54. Nial Pearce says:

    Awesome, handy little tool!

  55. Xark says:

    Hmm, would indeed be handy in Dr. Plummet’s House of Flux…

  56. Erl says:

    Heja Mats!

    Kan vara bra att ha för att mäta spaghettins gauge…

  57. Tim Kerby says:

    Would love one thanks

  58. Louis Davis says:

    Yes Please. Very useful.

  59. J. Peterson says:

    Yes, I want one too.

    By the way, if you’ve (ahem) messed up and made your holes too small, I can highly recommend this set of micro-reamers. They do a great job of enlarging PCB or perf board holes too small for those fat component leads.

  60. Danijel says:

    Wuhu! Maybe I’ll be luckier than with PCBSunday :D

  61. Bob Alexander says:

    I’d love to have one.

  62. Steve Bennett says:

    pick me please!

  63. matt cysiewski says:

    me please :)

  64. Bruce Gentle says:

    Great idea and great PCB. This would be invalueble

  65. Michael Beaveridge says:

    Comment? Well, okay – I could use one of them.

  66. mh says:

    i could use that

  67. Robert P. says:

    I wish I had a Random Comment Generator.

  68. mitchell saxon lowther says:

    Count me in..

  69. Alex says:

    So simple yet so useful

  70. Lalit Patnaik says:

    Really simple yet useful. Apart from choosing drill sizes for components it will probably be helpful (to some extent) while checking wire guages for winding transformers/inductors. Would love to have one of these :)

  71. Marco says:

    I’m in!

  72. MrP says:

    Neat little PCB!

  73. MobileWill says:

    Nice, this would go well with the spark fun drill sizes and silkscreen pcb.

  74. Sleepwalker3 says:

    Very Handy :)

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