A CNC pickup winding machine built on an ATmega8

Davide Gironi blogged about his DIY ATmega based CNC pickup winding machine: A pickup winding machine it is used to wind a guitar pickup. You can find my previous ATmega manual pickup winding machine here This project is a manual / CNC pickup winding machine, built on top of an ATmega8 microcontroller. More details at Davide Gironi’s blog. […]

Low cost TEA5767 based FM stereo radio receiver

Dilshan Jayakody  writes: TEA5767 is electronically tuned FM stereo radio receiver from NXP for low voltage applications. TEA5767 based radio modules are now common in the field and this project is based on Samsung TT-502 radio module. The main objective of this project is to design low cost FM tuner based on this TT-502 / […]

Drive a stepper motor with acceleration and deceleration using an Allegro driver on ATmega8

Davide Gironi writes: This library drive a stepper motor using the Allegro A3967 (EasyDriver) on ATmega8. It will also work on the Allegro a4988, and other type of motor driver controlled by the number of pulse received. It features: direction changing speed changing acceleration and deceleration multiple motor driving stop spinning after number of step, […]

Using a USBASP v2.0 as a cheap ATmega8 Arduino platform

JohnLittle writes: I finally got round playing with my AVRASP v2.0 boards. The ones Sleepwalker3 mentioned. Thanks mate! I bought three USBASP v2.0 on ebay for under £1.50 each. They each came with a short cable (5×2 sockets at each end). However, they do not come with the JP2 header soldered on. Solder it or […]

ATmega based pool cleaner robot

Here’s a pool cleaner robot built on ATmega by Davide Gironi: My replacement electronics it is based on ATmega8 micros. The project is divided into two parts: timer cleaning robot The timer contains the 220 AC to low voltage DC current, and it is out of water, his purpose is to start and stop the cleaning pool robot, […]

EGYDuino – Arduino compatible board

Dr. Ayman Shalaby over at Electronics Lab has posted an article describing EGYDuino, an Arduino compatible board that can be build using home process: EGYDuino is a DIY Arduino clone made on a single sided PCB board. It’s simple and cheap to build using home PCB fabrication methods and it’s 100% compatible with Arduino.

SD card logger library with log rotation that fits on ATmega8

Davide Gironi writes: This library implements an SD card Data Logger that runs on ATmega. It has a small footprint, so it can be loaded on an ATmega8, leaving space for user code. It supports SD and microSD cards formatted with FAT16. It also features log rotation. The “Petit FAT File System Module” by ChaN […]

Atmega8 based thermometer build

Andrianakis Haris writes: This is a thermometer I designed for my room, built in a small pack and easy to control. Some basic components used: Atmega8, LM35 for inside temp sensing and DHT-11 for outside temp & humidity sensing. The hardware is designed on a way so that the PCB can be wall mounted. At […]

Tellymate makes serial to video easy

The UK based crew from Batsocks develops and sells open source kits including breadboard related projects. We found a project they call the Tellymate which looks like a simple and easy way to provide plug-in video text output to any MCU project using just an ATmega8 and a handful of passive components. TellyMate is a […]

AVR-based watering system

Deddies Lab needed a way to water their resident Ficus Lyrata on a schedule of one-half liter per week. In order to automate the process, they designed an Atmega8 based control system which activates a water pump at appropriate intervals in order to keep the plant watered. A simple AC plug-in wall timer activates the […]