LCD clock version 2 – part I

Posted on Friday, May 30th, 2014 in Arduino, clock by DP


Kevin Rye posted an update on his LCD clock project:

Now that I’ve spent some time working with SMD Atmegas, I decided to redo the PCB to make it all SMD. By moving the Atmega to the SMD version, I picked up some additional space on the PCB. That allowed me to add a 4th button to the PCB for the alarm function. In addition to the alarm button, there’s also a status LED for the alarm. The LED indicates that the alarm is set. I can even make it flash when the alarm is active. I could either use the Alarm button to enter the alarm menu to set the time, or add the alarm time to the main menu and use the alarm button as a snooze or a simple on/off toggle. Skies the limit!

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4 Responses to “LCD clock version 2 – part I”

  1. Drone says:

    OK, Nice clock… But where are the links to the open-source files? Or maybe this isn’t Open? I see the OSHW logo on the board. No clue where to find the files. Maybe I missed something obvious.

  2. Kevin says:

    Source files are on the sources page under Electronics in the menu bar.

  3. Drone says:

    OK, I get it now. Thanks Kevin for stating what I should have found on your site.

    For others: Click on the image with “LCD Clock V2” here:

    Direct download link is here:

    Obviously you will download and save the file:

    This file has Eagle .brd and .sch files and source code.

    Unfortunately I do not use Eagle at all. So seeing the schematic and board files is impossible for me (yeah, I am NOT an Eagle Fan at-all). Having some .jpg or .pdf’s of the schematic (at-least) and board would be nice. (there is a “P1 inkscape LCD clock 2.svg”, which I cannot easily see outside the browser – maybe, depending on what it is). But thanks anyway for your work Kevin. I have an interest in developing a clock based on the Dallas/Maxim accurate clock parts in the near future.

    Best Regards, David in Jakarta

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