504 Segment clock, a 7-segment clock done differently


Bertho  has designed and built this cool 7-segment clock, the 504 Segment clock:

At some point I was being silly and got the idea of making a 7-segment clock, but then a bit different. The result became this.  Features include:

  • 72 7-segment displays in three rings; inner (hour) ring 12 displays, middle (minute) ring 24 and outer (seconds) ring 36 displays
  • Light sensor for adaptive display intensity; lighter during the day, dimmed at night
  • Movement sensor for waving interaction; show time/date with a wave of your hand
  • Each segment individually addressable with 256 levels of intensity
  • Ethernet connectivity for remote control and power entry
  • NTP synchronization for (near) perfect time
  • Some blinkenleds for indicative purposes
  • Buttons and RTC for off-line time-keeping
  • 3D printed case in four sections with Plexiglas cover and back

Via the project log forum.

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