A small GPS Arduino watch/clock


Here’s Oscar Liang another Arduino GPS project, he writes:

Garlow stands for GPS Arduino Rechargeable Logger OLED Watch. The device gives GPS information which is logged on SD card and shown on a OLED display. It can be carried as a watch or simply used as a GPS data logger. The whole system is based on Arduino Nano, with a Lipo power management module which enables USB battery recharge.

Check out the video after the break.

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  1. This is awesome!

    I’m making almost exactly the same thing right now, although I’ve hit a block. The SDcard/GPS/OLED libraries are too big to all fit on the one atmega328 chip.

    How did you fit it all on without overloading the memory?

    1. You need to read Oscar Liang’s blog entry for the actual project details. There he described some of the steps he used to reduce total code size.
      Young ‘uns need to acquire the skill to click on the link to the actual project page, I suppose…

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