XMega analog comparator

Shawon Shahryiar over at Embedded Lab has written an article on XMega analog comparator: Generally a comparator is a device that compares two quantities. Analog comparators compare voltage – an analog quantity. An analog comparator is essentially an op-amp with infinite gain. It has one output and two inputs. The output is switched to VDD […]

App note: Basic features of the Atmel XMEGA Direct Memory Access Controller (DMAC)

Here is an app note describing how to use the Direct Memory Access Controller found on Atmel’s XMEGA microcontrollers. This application note covers the basic features of the Atmel  XMEGA Direct Memory Access Controller (DMAC). The goal for  this training is to getting started with simple memory transfers  almost without using CPU time, and reading […]

App note: Using hardware SPI on XMEGA microcontrollers

Here is an app note from Atmel describing hoe to use the SPI module on their XMEGA microcontrollers. Also provided are source code examples for implementing both interrupt driven SPI communication and the polled method for slave and master devices. SPI is a full duplex interface, and at a low cost enabling high-speed communication between […]

App note: ATXmega USB Hardware Design Recommendations

Here is an design recommendation from Atmel about implementing USB on AVR  XMEGA microcontrollers. The article provides all the basic information you’ll need to get started with designing USB devices with the XMEGA. This document is written for hardware designers to help them develop their applications. It assumes that readers are familiar with the AVR […]