Add functions to your Dotklok: Remote control

Posted on Thursday, March 6th, 2014 in clock by DP


Boris Landoni  from Open Electronics writes about the Dotklok’s new feature, the addition of a remote control. We wrote about it previously here:

The latest variation is the addition of a remote control, implemented with a few lines of code. This function allows you to read the signals sent by the common IR remote control used in TV, decoder, etc.. With this change you can make most of the Dotklok functions controllable remotely, as to replace the remote control buttons to buttons already present.
In the code examples provided by the creator, the remote control allows you to switch from animation to another while sitting on the couch, or, still remotely, turn off the light sensor to set manually the display brightness. In fact , once a sensor and a sketch that reacts to pressing any button of any remote control introduced, the only limit on the introduction of new functions, it your creativity.

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