RF probe

m0xpd writes: Today I finally got round to building a nice little RF probe kit from Rex, w1rex, the Tuna King over at QRPme. I took the well-executed PCB which – unusually for Rex – had through hole mounting for the components rather than the ‘Limerick’ construction that recently I’ve come to associate with him… Following […]

Why we need a CNC pick-n-place

Chris Holden of Nerd Club has been working on a CNC pick-n-place machine and wrote a post on his blog detailing it’s assembly: Hand-soldering SMT components is slow going. And almost an hour per board section is pretty woeful. So it’s time to start seriously thinking about this CNC pick-n-place machine. Steve is going to go beserk. I […]

SARRRO – Ultrasonic anti-collision robot build

 Ultrasonic anti-collision robot by Gavin Hannah: I’ve also coined a name for my project. SARRRO, which stands for Search & Rescue Reconnaissance Rover.  I’ve updated the site title to reflect this.  From now on, I will be referring to my project as SARRRO rather than just “project” as I have been doing. Via Hacked Gadgets.

Part Ninja built on perfboard

JanW built a Part Ninja on perfboard. He used a DIP cased microcontroller and through hole parts. He also replaced the 2.5V voltage reference with the similarly specced  LM385-2.5. The connections were made with enamelled copper wire AWG 28. The lacquer is burned off by tinning it with a very hot soldering iron (400 ° […]

Building an adjustable constant current load

Here’s a project log covering the build of an adjustable constant current load. It’s capable of sinking up to 7A, and can withstand input voltages up to 60V. The log covers the design, perfboard assembly, and case assembly. An adjustable power load is a piece of test equipment that often comes handy in the development […]