Mini Quad – build a FPV250 mini-H quadcopter

Oscar Liang built a  FPV250 mini-H quadcopter and wrote a post on his blog detailing it’s assembly: Having built a mini quad before running on 2S, although it was very easy to control and stable, I was not particularly happy with the power. I cannot fly too fast, neither doing flips and acrobatics. This time I will be using […]

Hak5 video: quadcopter with WiFi enabled Linux computer and RTL-SDR

What happens when you send up a quadcopter equipped with a Linux box, WiFi and an RTL-SDR dongle? Darren and company from Hak5 decided to find out. Their project used the SDR to receive ADS-B signals from aircraft hundreds of miles away. The Hak5 team took a quadcopter up on top of a high mountain, […]

Build an Arduino shield for Quadcopter – Arduino adapter

Oscar  built  his own Arduino shield for Quadcopter: I have been searching for ideas of making a Quadcopter Arduino flight controller Adapter to sit my Arduino nano board and the GY80, also have some header pins for motors and receiver to make the cabling tidy. There are a lot of Arduino shields people have designed for […]

Debugging the Crazyflie with the Bus Blaster

Chris Fusting tweeted: “Interfacing my Crazyflie with a proximity sensor. Debugging with the Bus Blaster“: A few months ago I came across my new favorite toy, the Crazyflie nano quadcopter.  Developed by Bitcraze, the Crazyflie is an open source firmware and hardware flying development board.  With a relatively beefy STM32 ARM Cortext-M3 MCU and an expansion […]

Quadcopter in a 5x5cm PCB update

Erdabyz posted an update to his Quadcopter in a 5x5cm PCB we covered previously: For now, Invensense’s MotionApps firmware has been succesfully ported to PIC32, and we have the MPU6050’s DMP outputting a quaternion at 200Hz and the output looks perfectly valid. Some freescale code for the barometer/altimeter has also been ported but it’s still […]

Carambola controlled quadcopter

Saulius writes: “I have just tested in the air my latest quadcopter telemetry link using low-cost open-source wifi board. This link can be used not only to relay telemetry data but control SU(A)V from joystick and get video back to ground station.” The copter uses the Carambola low cost, open-source WiFi (21.5 dB / 2.4GHz) […]

MIT uses kinect on quadcopter

MIT has developed a system using the Microsoft Kinect as part of an autonomous flight controller, allowing navigation and mapping when a gps signal is not available. At MIT, we have developed a real-time visual odometry system that can use a Kinect to provide fast and accurate estimates of a vehicle’s 3D trajectory. This system […]