Why electrolytic capacitors are actually kinda shitty

Afroman writes, “Electrolytic capacitors are common, but knowledge of their limitations is uncommon. A demonstration is shown highlighting the difference in performance between electrolytic and ceramic capacitors in power supplies. Other topics discussed in the video: Electrolytic capacitor construction, ceramic capacitors, ESR, ESL, impedance curves, why “0.1uF”, and more.” Via Afrotechmods. Check out the video after […]

App note: Output filter caps for mission critical applications

A great guide from AVX on output capacitor types and their specific uses based on ESR, ESL and temperature properties. Link here (PDF) This document discusses the effect of capacitors on output power quality. It evaluates and provides a comparison of different capacitor technologies, their high reliability qualification availability from COTS+ to space level, and […]

App note: Conductive polymer aluminum solid capacitors

Presenting the polymer capacitor by Nippon Chemi-Con Corporation. Link here (PDF) Conductive polymer aluminum solid capacitors, which will be abbreviated to “polymer capacitors” in the following, have been recently extending in their applications. The polymer capacitors as well as conventional aluminum electrolytic capacitors are featured by large capacitance and excellent bias characteristics which multilayer ceramic […]

Emicon-Fun inductor/capacitor lessons

Riktw writes to inform us of a tutorial site covering the theory behind capacitors, and inductors, as well as noise suppression filters. The site is actually a blog, with new posts being posted every month or so. When looking for a small switching power supply module at the website of Murata I found this Emicon-Fun!  […]

Troubleshoot and repair a defective LCD monitor

Victor took apart a defective LCD monitor and repaired it. The LCD didn’t respond at all to the power button, so chances were good something was off in the power supply. Sure enough there was a bulging cap, replacing it revived the monitor and saved it from the landfill. Some time ago I was donated […]