Raspberry Pi garage door controller

As a follow up to yesterday’s Raspberry Pi and ARM uC Breakout + DirtyPCBs mini-review post,  hipfan75 has posted the completed Raspberry Pi-based Garage Door controller project: Right now, all of the sensors and actuators are connected to Raspberry Pi GPIOs. At some point I may move them to the STM32. I have disabled I2C […]

DoorBell + Moteino = Awesome

Felix of LowPowerLab has written an article detailing his DIY Moteino DoorBell: A lonely doorbell activated by a boring push-button at the front door is not very exciting in a world of Arduino and “Internet of Things”. I’ve been wanting to Arduinize the doorbell into the Moteino Framework gateway interface so that I could: observe/count/graph when the doorbell […]

Use ESP8266 module as a wireless switcher

Razvan Dubau over at Extragsm posted a how-to on using an ESP8266 module as a wireless switcher: A custom firmware to transform the ESP8266 wifi module into a wifi http based switcher GPIO02 is used as an output pin. You can connect a led or a relay and controll it by a button added to GPIO00. Also the […]

DIY Internet connected smart humidifier

Martin’s DIY Internet connected smart humidifier project: The project uses a DHT22 temperature sensor mounted to the side of the enclosure for better ventilation and reliable reading: I threw in a ultra-cheap I2C OLED status display to get a visual reading. Milling the box so that the OLED shows was pretty nasty, hated it. I […]

WiFi thermostat with weekly scheduler

A WiFi thermostat with weekly scheduler project by Martin Harizanov: As additional feature, I’ve added thermostat function based on Trystan Lea’s Open Thermostat Scheduler, only my code runs entirely off the ESP8266 SoC. The UI is touch-friendly and works great on mobile devices I’ve also added broadcasting functionality, allowing the board to send its state to third […]

WiFi IoT 3 channel relay board with MQTT and HTTP API using ESP8266

Martin writes: The ESP8266 DHT22/LED blinker project grew into a M2M relay board project with the following features in mind: Relatively small (10x5cm) PCB Powered via on-board power supply or externally via a micro-USB plug Has three 2A Sharp Solid State Relays (later version has 8A SSR) DHT22 humidity/temperature and/or DS18b20 temperature sensor support to use […]

Schlage smart door lock hack/teardown

Teardown and hacking of Schlage smart door lock by Felix Rusu of LowPowerLab: As the title suggests it’s a smart door lock with a for coded entry and is based on “Iris” which in turn uses ZWave RF wireless technology (made by Zensys), a closed source patented protocol+hardware stack that is OEM-able to automation system makers who want […]

Arduino GSM home automation system

Timofte Andrei wrote this instructable detailing the build of his Arduino home automation system: For this project I’ve used: 1. An Arduino clone 2. SIM900 GSM SHIELD 3. Relay module 4. 2×16 LCD Display 5. DS18B20 temperature sensor 6. Push button 7. Some Dupont wires 8. A led module (this is optional, if you have a chinese […]

Introduction to home automation

Introduction to home automation: We have all see some complex home automation systems, this video made by Jeremy from The Custom Geek gives a good overview of what is involved behind the scenes. This system lives in the garage and interfaces audio, video, phone, intercom, lighting and alarm system. Since the system is all connected […]

STB Zombifier adds IR remote control to TV box and monitor

When Ivan changed his TV provider they required the use of a SetTopBox(STB) as a receiver. Since it had HDMI output, he decided to use an old Philips 230C1 monitor as a TV screen. The monitor, however, was not controlled by the STB and had to be switched on and off manually (not via the […]

MSP430: using ACLK and the 32kHz crystal

NJC was designing a home automation system, to control lights at preset intervals. He wanted to use the MSP430 Launchpad but found the high frequency clock source of the valueline MCU to be insufficiently accurate. He wrote this post on the MSP430 Launchpad Blog detailing how to install the 32.768kHz crystal and run an ACLK […]

Hacking home automation X10 devices over power lines

X10 home automation devices control household systems over AC power lines. In the past their online pop-up ads were pervasive and hard to avoid and these devices are fairly common today. Researchers Dave Kennedy, aka Rel1k, and Rob Simon, aka Kc57, revealed two X10 hacking devices at the recent Defcon 19 conference in Las Vegas. […]

AVR-based watering system

Deddies Lab needed a way to water their resident Ficus Lyrata on a schedule of one-half liter per week. In order to automate the process, they designed an Atmega8 based control system which activates a water pump at appropriate intervals in order to keep the plant watered. A simple AC plug-in wall timer activates the […]