A pickup winding machine built on an ATmega8


A DIY guitar pickup winding machine built on ATmega8 by Davide Gironi:

A pickup winding machine it is used to wind a guitar pickup.
The core of this project is an ATmega8.
It features:

  • wind counter
  • slow startup
  • automatic stop
  • configurable motor speed
  • configurable winds
  • 2 directions

This winder has an LCD display that will show

  • the current motor direction
  • the rotating speed of your pickup
  • the total and current wind counter

Check out the video after the break.

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  1. Great build!

    Suggestion: hack a bait casting fishing pole for the Pawl Worm Drive assembly and drive it from your motor with a belt/gear… this will allow the windings to spool evenly, unattened (assuming you can find the correct width assembly that matches the pickup, etc.)


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