App note: Using LT5400 high precision resistor neworks in high precision analog designs

  Here is a design note from Liner Technology explaining how using their LT5400 matched resistor networks in your analog design can improve it’s precision by an order of magnitude. The actual performance of precision amplifiers and ADCs is often difficult to achieve since data sheet specifications assume ideal components. Carefully matched resistor networks, such […]

App note: DSP library for LPC1700 and LPC1300 microcontrollers

Here is a reference guide from NXP for the DSP library made for LPC17xx, and LCP13xx microcontrollers. You can download the library here. The DSP library has been developed as a commonly used set of DSP functions optimized for the NXP Cortex-M3 LPC1700 and LPC1300 family products. Most functions have been implemented in Thumb-2 assembler […]

App note: Using Atmel’s DataFlash ICs

Atmel describes their DataFlash memory chips and how to interface with them: The DataFlash is perfectly suited for digital voice-, image-, code- and data-storage applications, especially where low power consumption is required. In these storage applications, the DataFlash’s small page size not only  makes it easier to manipulate data, it also increases storage efficiency.

App note: More about capacitive touch sensing

A while back we wrote an app note post about the Capacitive Sensing Module available on some PIC microcontrollers. As a follow up we are posting a guide to the CSM module written by electronicsbasecom in the forum. Recently I started to work with mTouch CSM module. It sounded like extremely interesting and high performance hardware […]

App note: Data conversion, interface, and signal processing circuits

Here is a circuit collection [PDF] covering data conversion, interface, and signal processing: Application Note 67 is a collection of circuits from the first five years of Linear Technology, targeting data conversion, interface and signal processing applications. This Application  Note includes circuits such as fast video multiplexers for high speed video, an ultraselective bandpass filter […]

App note: Interrupt behavior of Cortex-M1 MCUs

Here is an app note from ARM describing the interrupt behavior of Cortex-M1 microcontrollers. The ARM Cortex-M1 processor was developed for the usage with FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) and it is targeting low-cost applications in which costs, ease of use and low interrupt latency are critical. Such low interrupt latency applications can include real-time […]

App note: Sensorless field oriented control of an AC motor

PIC 33 microcontrollers  in the motor control series can implement sensorless field oriented control. FOC is a control technique that works with DC and AC induction motors. It operates smoothly over the full speed range, and has full torque when the motor starts. The term “sensorless” does not represent the lack of sensors entirely, but […]

App note: Full-duplex software UART for LPC111x and LPC13xx

Here is an app note with source code describing how to implement a full-duplex software UART interface on LPC111x and LPC13xx microcontrollers. However, some applications require more UARTs than are available on the device. While the addition of an external stand-alone UART IC could be used in some of these situations, software based UARTs result […]

App note: Multiple time-bases from a single timer module in MPS430 devices

Here is an app note from Texas Instruments describing how to implement multiple time-base outputs from a single timer module on a MSP430 microcontroller. The timer modules on MSP430™ ultra-low power microcontrollers often base several different outputs off of a single time base – a single timer period. This is especially true for the typical […]

App note: Low power design guide for PICs

Here is a design guide from Microchip describing low power design with PIC microcontrollers. The document provides theory behind some low power designs, and examples on how to implement them in your projects. Low-power applications represent a significant portion of the future market for embedded systems. Every year, more designers are required to make designs […]

App note: Using High-Side NMOS drivers

Here is an app note describing how and why to use NMOS transistors for high-side switching operations, and how to implement it using associated drivers. At first glance, P-channel MOSFETs appear to be the natural choice for high side switching. Unfortunately, the RDS(ON) exhibited by most P-channels is prohibitively high.(Mother Nature has decreed that electron […]

App note: MSP430 based USB Li-Ion battery charger with fuel gauge

An MSP430-based USB Li-Ion battery charger with a fuel gauge: The example cases discussed in this application report provide a basic understanding of what needs to be done at production, as well as on the application level, to achieve the aforementioned goals. The associated software provides library functions to interface and communicate with the bq27410 […]

App note: One serial EEPROM footprint to rule them all

Microchip describes how to make CAD footprints that fit several different sizes of serial EEPROM data storage chips. This gives your project flexibility in case the larger footprints can no longer be sourced: For many years, the 8-lead SOIC package has been the most popular package for serial EEPROMs, but now smaller packages are becoming […]

App note: Using the LTM2881 as an Isolated 5V power supply

Here is an app note from Linear Technology on how to use their LTMM2881 isolated RS485 transceiver as a isolated 5v power supply. The LTM®2881 is an isolated RS485 transceiver that guards against large ground-to-ground differentials. An onboard DC/DC converter provides isolated 5V power to the output.

App note: Precision current limiting with the LMP8646

Here is an app note from Texas Instruments describing how to use their LMP8646 ‘shunt’ current monitor as a current limiter on linear, and switching power supplies. The LMP8646 is a precision current limiter used to improve the current limit accuracy of any switching or linear regulator with an available feedback node. Many regulators might […]

App note: Useful analog circuits for digital systems

Here is an oldie, but a goodie. The late analog guru Jim Williams describes lots of analog circuits that were used in digital systems. Most of these are now integrated into digital ICs, some are still in use today. The pristine, regimented symmetry of  digital circuit boards is occasionally interrupted by an irregular huddle of […]

App note: 112W Boost driver for long strings of LEDs

Maxim shows how to build a 112 watt DC-DC boost driver for long strings of LEDs. The driver is current controlled,with adjustable output from 0 to 1.5Amps. This reference design is for a high-voltage boost current source for very long strings of LEDs. Applications that use long LED strings include, but are not limited to, […]

App note: Interfacing a 3volt microcontroller to 5volt peripherals

It can be a challenge to interface 5volt stuff with modern 3.3volt microcontrollers like an ARM or MSP430. This app note covers several circuits for voltage translation on input, output, and bidirectional pins. The interfacing of the 3-V MSP430x1xx and MSP430x4xx  microcontroller families to circuits with a supply of 5 V or  higher is shown. […]

App note: Digital compass reference design

A PIC18F2520-based digital compass using magneto-resistive sensors to measure the magnetic field in 3-axies: This application note will focus on a simple, low-cost, hand-held digital compass design using a Microchip PIC18F2520 microcontroller. This compass application can be  integrated into your own design, or as a building block in an advanced navigation tracking device similar to […]