App note: Temperature measurement using thermistors

Another temperature sensitive device, introducing the thermistor. From its name you could guess that its a temperature dependent resistor which varies its resistance as the temperature changes. See Cypress’ application note on using these devices. A thermistor is a temperature-sensitive resistor in which resistance varies with temperature. There are two types of thermistors: positive temperature […]

App note: Temperature sensing using diode

Last time we covered using watchdog timer as temperature dependent component of a microcontroller to do temperature sensing. Now lets take a diode to do the same thing, they are pretty much accurate and cheap, see Cypress’ application note about its implementation. There are various sensors available for measuring temperature such as Thermistor, Thermocouple, resistance […]

Cypress PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit Smarter Life Challenge

Cypress Semiconductor and element14 are sponsoring the PSoC 4 Smarter Life Design Challenge. The contest will seek applicants to be one of ten RoadTest challenge competitors who will build “Smarter Life” projects to enhance their home, office and / or car using the PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit. Each competitor will also receive $500 budget to […]

PSoCWorld virtual conf December 12-13, 2012

Cypress Semiconductor, manufacturers of the line of Programmable System-on-Chip products known as PSoC, are hosting the first annual PSoC World virtual conference, on December 12th and 13th, 2012. “PSoC World is something truly new and exciting that Cypress is doing for all of us PSoC developers. It will give us an opportunity to see how-tos […]

App Note: Mixed signal circuit board layout considerations

Hli located an interesting app note from Cypress called “Mixed Signal Circuit Board Layout Considerations”. “It discusses how to layout a board to have good analog performance, even if you have digital stuff on the same board. Some parts are specific for the Cypress PSoCs, but much of the advice is applicable generally. The PSoCs […]

QuickPSoC3 v2 – PSOC3 mini development board

Kartik revised his EzPSoC3 board into the new quick QuickPSoC3. These boards are mini development platforms for PSoC3 system-on-chip ICs from Cypress. Here is a list of features on the new board: Longer pads(almost 3x) so it makes soldering the SSOP part easier for beginners. Widened power tracks to 70mils Arranged pins(see top-left) such that […]

Custom PSoC3 development board updates

Kartik continues to develop his custom PSoC3 dev-board. In this update he was mainly concerned with adhering to USB guidelines. Another major change is the removal of a crystal oscillator. After checking out some Cypress development boards, Katrik noticed that most PSoC boards use an internal IC clock instead of crystals or oscillators. So he […]

PSOC3 custom board development

We wrote about Kmmankad effort to build a custom PSOC3 development board. After the initial design, he consulted Cypress engineers about his board. They advised him how-to improve his design. Here are the latest revisions: Added additional vias between the top and bottom layers to improve return paths. Crystal routing improved(Capacitors on same side,traces shorter). […]