App note: Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC / EMI) for Vibe Motors

Here’s an App note from Precision Microdrives on EMI from vibration motors and their Electromagnetic compatibility. Link is here Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is the radiation or induction of electromagnetic noise on a system. DC motors are a common source of EMI, as are most electromagnetic circuit components. They are potential sources of noise and can […]

App note: EMC tests and PCB guidelines for automotive linear regulators

PCB design guidelines from ON Semiconductors on minimizing electromagnetic interference (EMI) on automotive linear regulators. Link is here Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is important for the functionality and security of electronic devices. Today’s designers must deal with steadily increasing system frequencies, changing power limits, high-density layouts required by more complex systems, and the ever-present need for […]

App note: EMC design guidelines

A great guide (PDF) to electromagnetic compatibility from Murata International regulations regarding electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) affect many aspects of circuit and system design. However, there are many techniques that can be applied generally to reduce both the emissions from and susceptibility to, electromagnetic interference (EMI). As a manufacturer of electronic components, Murata Power Solutions is […]

App note: EMC guidelines for microcontroller-based applications

Application note(PDF) specific on microcontroller EMC from ST Microelectronics. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) must be taken into account at the very beginning of a project as the cost of correcting an EMC problem encountered at the start of production can be far greater that the cost of a detailed EMC study during the development phase of […]

App note: EMC general information

Application note(PDF) on EMC from ST Microelectronics. Because many electronic circuits are in proximity to each other, it is essential that their design is not affected by external noise sources and that the circuit itself is not a noise source affecting other circuits. This relationship is known as electromagnetic compatibility or EMC. Sources of electromagnetic […]

App note: ESD and EMC sensitivity of IC

A good beginner app note (PDF) from NXP on protecting ICs from ESD. Integrated circuits are sensitive to electrostatic discharge (a sudden and short-time flow of currents) and electromagnetic fields (at which they can be source or victim of both of it). This application note shall be understood as an introductive basic description of what […]

App note: EMC design considerations

Ever wonder why your project acts funny and sometimes causes unexpected outcome then one of these reasons are interference and how they inject into or emit from your designs. Learn more about EMC from Atmel’s design consideration notes. The electromagnetic environment is getting tougher. High-frequency radio transmitters,  like mobile telephones, are found everywhere. More and […]