App note: Introduction to hearing aids and important design considerations

Introduction to hearing aids app note (PDF!) from Maxim: This application note introduces the styles of hearing aids, including behind the ear (BTE), in the ear (ITE), in the canal (ITC), and completely in the canal (CIC), as well as a brief summary of both analog and digital hearing aid technologies. Also discussed is the […]

App note: Welcoming water metering into the 21st Century

Maxim application note: Water. It is the most precious managed resource on the planet. Getting clean water to everyone can, in fact, be a matter of life and death. Managing water resources is a serious challenge today. Water is expensive to clean and difficult to get to where it is needed. In fact, connecting people […]

App note: Typically testing “Typical” in a typical manner

Typically testing “Typical” in a typical manner,  app note here (PDF!) from Maxim: Typical (typ) is typically the most misunderstood word in Integrated Circuit (IC) testing. Typical values can’t be tested directly because they are a statistical value. We discuss how to read a data sheet to understand what parameters are tested and under what […]

App note: Understanding and using cyclic redundancy checks with Maxim 1-wire and iButton products

Understanding and using cyclic redundancy checks with Maxim 1-wire and iButton products, application note here (PDF!) from Maxim: All 1-Wire® devices, including iButton® devices, contain an 8-byte unique registration number in read-only memory (ROM). This registration number is used as a unique network address on a 1-Wire bus. To ensure data communication integrity, one byte […]

App note: Green LED replaces LDO regulator

App note(PDF) from MAXIM using a green LED as LDO for low power application Insystems in which a microcontroller must communicate with peripheral devices that operate at different supply voltages, a level translator may be necessary. This design idea explains how for lowpower loads, a single green LED can replace a 1.8V LDO regulator in […]

App note: Self-starting can be hard to do – Understanding power-on-reset requirements in regulators and bandgaps

Things should be set-up properly before putting all load back again. Here’s a tip(PDF) from MAXIM on self-powering/recovering from power loss. Self-starting is a necessary but sometimes difficult task, whether it is motivating humans, starting cold automobiles, or providing power-on-reset (POR) for ICs. PORs ensure systems start in known and safe states. This app note […]

App note: Lithium coin-cell batteries: Predicting an application lifetime

An application note (PDF) from MAXIM. The typical specification for lithium coin-cell batteries has been to provide a 10-year battery lifetime in the absence of system power. End users should evaluate the anticipated lifetime in their specific application, especially for those that exceed typical commercial environments or that need to last more than 10 years. […]

App note: I2C interface connects compact flash Card to microcontroller

CF cards needs a lot of I/O resources in order to communicate, here’s MAXIM’s solution(PDF) using their MAX7311 I/O expander to interface these type of data storage devices. This application note explains how to use an I2C I/O extender to connect a compact-flash (CF) card to the I2C interface of a microcontroller. The software commands […]

App note: Power-supply solutions for Xilinx FPGAs

MAXIM’s power solution for Xilinx’ FPGAs. App note here (PDF!) Field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) are used in a wide variety of applications and end markets, including digital signal processing, medical imaging, and high-performance computing. This application note outlines the issues related to powering FPGAs.  

App note: Power supplies begin the circuit foundation, taming switching power-supply layout

A power supply design app note from MAXIM. This article outlines power, ground PCB, and system layout hints and kinks. It includes an overview of using power, ground star points, and multifrequency power decoupling. It also shows how to control the component placement to minimize the size of the high-current switching loop.

App note: Getting started with the MAXQ622 evaluation kit

Here’s an getting started guide from Maxim describing their MAXQ622 low-power RISC microcontroller: This application note describes how to create, build, and debug applications targeted for the MAXQ622 low-power RISC microcontroller. The article uses the IAR Embedded Workbench toolset and C compiler available from IAR Systems.

App note: Introduction to SHA-256 Master/Slave authentication

An application from Maxim: Introduction to SHA-256 Master/Slave authentication A new group of secure authenticators and a companion secure coprocessor/1-Wire® master implement SHA-256 authentication. This application note explains the general logistics of this SHA-256-based security system and introduces the bidirectional authentication functionality that the authentication system uses.

App note: In-system calibration with the 78M6610+PSU energy measurement processor

Another application from Maxim on how to calibrate a measurement subsystem using the 78M6610+PSU: The 78M6610+PSU is an energy measurement processor that is embedded in high-power switch-mode power-supply units (PSUs) to measure and report the real-time power used by the system. As with any measurement device, the sense circuit used with the 78M6610+PSU must be […]

App note: Thermal Management Handbook

A Thermal Management handbook from Maxim, , app note here: Maxim’s Thermal Management Handbook includes temperature sensing and fan control concepts, circuits and application guidelines. Thermistors, thermocouples, RTDs, and various IC temperature sensors (local temperature sensors, remote temperature sensors, analog temperature sensors, digital temperature sensors, and temperature switches) are discussed, as well as various approaches […]

App note – Distribution automation and the smart grid: Coming of age with a new set of challenges

Another good app note from Maxim – Distribution automation and the smart grid: Coming of age with a new set of challenges The combination of aging electricity grid infrastructure and renewable portfolio standards present new challenges in the distribution automation space worldwide. In this application note, we review three key areas: asset protection, security, and asset management. […]