Outmoded Sequencer project

LuckyResistor made a miniature music machine -the outmoded sequencer project and wrote a post on his blog detailing its assembly: I just started an interesting new project: The Outmoded Sequencer Project. It is an minimalistic music machine. You can use a 8×8 “programming” matrix to create simple melodies which are looping endlessly. This melody can […]

Single Cell Software frees Korg Volca Sample from iOS chains

If you experiment with electronic music, you’ve probably heard of Korg’s latest addition to their Volca line known as the Volca Sample. The volca sample is a sample sequencer that lets you edit and sequence up to 100 sample sounds in real time. It lets you recreate the characteristics of the first generation of samplers, […]

Holiday tunes from Attiny13 and SPI Flash

In clearing up the year-end mail, we noted this from Vinod sharing one of his recent hobby projects. “This is a holiday hardware hack creating WAV music player using a 512KB SPI Flash he cobbled from a damaged digital camera and the Attiny13 MCU. I implemented UART for song updating…. It is a hack with […]

Digitally controlled HiFi Amp with 4 way mixer

Michael shares his project files for a digital HiFi amp featuring a 20 W stereo power amplifier, 4 way audio in and digital volume control interface. Though I am a musician I don’t care for calling an expensive hi watt stereo my own. For years I have used a homebuilt stereo amplifier built around the […]

RumbleRail, a standalone and modular Floppy disk jukebox

Watch and enjoy this RumbleRail project a Floppy disk jukebox by Kiu: The overall setup is completly modular. Each floppy is connected to its own floppy driver (rrfdc), which in turn speaks I²C with the main board (rrcmd). On power-on the main board auto-discovers the connected floppies and adjusts the software to utilize the available drives. In theory […]

Magical music box using CMOS and 555s

Justin Giles-Clark shows off his magical music box using CMOS and 555s: Simple circuit using 555s for a 3minute monostable oscillator to time the clockwork spring. Another 555 provide a astable oscillator with about an 1 hertz period clocking a 4017 decimal ring counter for 6 counts. Created in 2002. Via contact form. Check out the […]

Augmented guitar uses Arduino & Max MSP

Here’s a video by Thebishopgame describing how his Guitarduino works, an Arduino/MaxMSP guitar mounted midi control system: There are 6 arcade buttons on the bridge, three force sensitive resistor squares on the body, and a long FSR strip on the back of the neck. The arduino just takes sensor readings and spits them out the […]

MIDI OUT for vintage Korg CX-3

Michael from AcidBourbon writes, “This project is about adding a MIDI output to a vintage organ, the Korg CX-3 (famous Hammond compact organ clone). My Korg was built in 1979, so before the introduction of the General Midi standard. But tapping into the right (only three) conducting paths on the main PCB and using a […]

Arduino guitar mod lets you type with a tune

David Neevel of W&K Blog had been thinking about modding a guitar to use as a keyboard for some time. As shown in this video, he recently got down to business, interfacing the MIDI output through an optoisolator circuit to the Arduino. The interpretation of notes to keyboard characters is accomplished in code, with the […]

Color organ – LED light show

Want a simple light show in your room? Here’s an Instructable on how to build your own. The Color organ is all analog and built from only transistors, resistors, capacitors, and of course LEDs: Audio source can be any “line level” output from audio equipment, or headphone output from computer sound cards and iPod/MP3 players. […]

DIY Theremin

Erdabyz want’s to build a DIY Theremin. This is a musical instrument controlled without direct physical contact. The device has two antennas which in conjunction with the operators body (representing the capacitance) complete two LC oscillators. By moving your hands closer or farther from the antennas, pitch and volume of the tone are controlled. My […]

16 instrument drum machine using PIC24

Matt designed and built a PIC24 based drum machine. It has samples of 16 different instruments, that can be be stored at 16 different channels, into 16 time positions. The video above demonstrates his project in action. It’s a mini drum machine modelled on classic machines like the Roland TR808. My version is digital, playing […]

FireHero – Arduino and guitar play with fire

Chris Marion has developed an impressive and dangerous project: FireHero. It uses a complex propane system and some electric valves coupled to an Arduino controller that hooks directly into a “guitar” – a Guitar Hero input device, hence the project name “FireHero”. The result is that the notes played directly affect the flames. Now that’s […]

Years project uses Arduino to play tree rings

YEARS from Bartholomäus Traubeck on Vimeo. Bartholomaus Traubeck presents his “Years” project. Years is a phonograph-like device which reads the characteristics of the rings in a thin cross-section slice of a tree and interprets these as piano notes depending on the appearance of the wood (ranging from dark to light and from strong texture to […]

The Resistor JelTone: an edible toy piano

A group from  NYC Resistor (Ranjit Bhatnagar, Astrida Valigorsky, Mimi Hui and Catarina Mota) made an edible toy piano, called The Resistor JelTone, for the Jello Mold Competition. As part of our experiments we realized that jello and fruit, which contain a lot of water, are conductive. Embedded in each jello/fruit key is a sterling silver pin (food safe) connected to […]