A touch numeric keyboard for Arduino or Teensy

Giovanni Carrera blogged about his touch numeric keyboard for Arduino or Teensy: Very often, for our programs, we need a system to set parameters, usually of a numerical type. A 4×4 keyboard requires some space and then we also need a display. Here is the idea of using a touchscreen display to do both. I […]

A web configurable Xively logger, build on AVR ATmega328

Here’s an ATmega configurable Xively logger platform by Davide Gironi: Xively (formerly Cosm and before that Pachube) is a platform devoted to simplifying the interconnection of devices and data with applications on the Internet of Things. It is an on-line database service allowing developers to connect sensor-derived data (e.g. energy and environment data from objects, devices & […]

OctoPROBER rev0 board update

Parker Dillmann posted an update on his OctoPROBER board  an 8 channel K-type thermocouple temperature logger, we wrote about it previously: I was having an issue with the FT230X being active while the 3.3V rails being turned off. The FT230X would backfeed voltage down the TXRX lines into the propeller which would power the 3.3V rail to ~2.7V causing […]

OctoPROBER, The 8-Channel temperature logger

Parker Dillmann of Longhorn Engineer is working on a 8 channel K-type thermocouple temperature logger, the OctoPROBER: This has been an idea I have been kicking around for awhile. The OctoPROBER is a 8 channel, K-type thermocouple temperature logger. It has a micro SD card slot for logging data remotely. The USB connection can send log data […]

Precision event logger measures 0.02 to 6.8 seconds

Dilshan developed a precision event logger based on the PIC16F73 and some binary ripple counters from the CMOS logic family. The project uses a 2Mhz reference clock, and is capable of measuring events from 0.02 to 6.8 seconds long. The counter gets activate and deactivate in positive edge of the input signal. Thanks to the […]