TIDeals on the Piccolo controlSTICK

TIDeals is offering the Piccolo TMDX28069USB controlSTICK at $33 including free international shipping. This is a 25%15% discount off the regular $39 price. They say: Start designing with C2000’s 32-bit Piccolo MCUs which help you do more with less. And, the easiest way to get started is get the F28069 controlSTICK which has everything you […]

TIDeals on Stellaris dev board and Micrium OS textbook

TIDeals has announced two year end specials. “First up is the Stellaris Ethernet-enabled Intelligent Display Module with PoE RDK. Basically, this little number is the Stellaris Intelligent Display Reference Design Kit (RDK-IDM), and it offers a complete, open-tool graphical touch-screen user interface design solution for control, automation, and instrumentation applications. Included in the RDK-IDM is […]

TIDeals: MSP-EXP430F5529 USB experimenter’s board

Bluehash from 43Oh writes to inform us of today’s TiDeal: the MSP430F5529 USB Experimenter’s Board. “On the board itself is USB connectivity, a five-button capacitive touch pad, a MicroSD slot with a 1GB card included, a 102 X 64 dot matrix LCD, four push buttons, three LEDs, a scroll wheel/potentiometer.” TI is offering this dev […]

TI Deals offers solar experimenter board

TI Deals has the eZ430-RF2500-SEH solar energy harvesting wireless development tool on sale for $74.50 (including free International shipping) while supplies last. According to TI, the board includes 1x eZ430-RF2500-SEH kit, two eZ430-RF2500T wireless target boards, one eZ430-RF USB debugging interface, one AAA battery pack with expansion board (batteries included), one SEH-01 Solar Energy Harvester […]