PROTOTYPE: Thermal Tweeter, networked Twitter printer @dangerousproto

Free video chat by Ustream Send a Tweet to @dangerousproto and watch it print live on the USTREAM feed. Thermal Tweeter is hacked together from a SparkFun thermal printer and the web platform internet development board. No computers are used to query twitter or run the printer, this is a 100% stand-alone Twitter appliance. This […]

Web platform release package v1.c

Over the last few weeks we did a massive cleanup and reorganization of our SVN code repository. Most projects now follow a standard directory structure. All our in-progress and stalled project files are now completely open and available to anyone. We also included all the manufacturing resources used to initiate production at Seeed, and the […]

Internet-based temperature logger with mbed and ThingSpeak

Frank setup a internet-based temperature logger using the ThingSpeak contest data-logging service: This project uses a mbed microcontroller (LPC1768 ARM Cortex-M3) to monitor temperature using a DS1620 (digital temperature sensor IC), retrieve the time via NTP (network time protocol), and then log the current temperature to ThingSpeak along with a time-stamp. See a live graph […]

Muscial web platform: TinySID on a 16bit PIC

Markus Gritsch ported TinySID, a retro music file player, to the  Web Platform. After successfully getting the TinySID library running on a PIC32 some time ago, I recently wondered, if the 16 bit MCUs from Microchip would also be fast enough to run the code. It turned out, that they are, at least the 40 […]

Pic web development board

Inspired by the business card web server designed by our own Ian, Arthurb created a development system based around the pic 24f and enc28j60. With multiple daughter cards, for touch sense, serial lcd, temperature sensor, keyboard and monitor. this seems to be a versatile system for development. Via Hack a Day Get an assembled Web […]

PROTOTYPE: Ethernet LED driver

We’re releasing a stalled or abandoned prototype every few days while Seeed Studio is on break. We put a lot of work into these projects, but they’re still missing major components and testing. If an abandoned project sparks your interest, we may have PCBs to get you started. The goal of this project is to […]