Chumby controls Freescale Mechatronics board over USB

In this video, Eric Gregori of EMGRobotics demonstrates how he controls the Freescale Mechatronics board with the Chumby over USB. Starting out with a stock Chumby from Best Buy, Eric steps through how to access the Easter egg hacker screen. Then after installing the Terra Term terminal program on your computer you SSH to the […]

New Chumby released

Chumby hackers take note! The new “Chumby oo” has been released. It features a larger 800 x 600 display (8″ diagonal), allows management of content and subscriptions from the device and supports SD, MMC and CF storage media in addition to USB. The internals include a 800MHz Marvell ARMADA 166 processor with ROM stored on […]

Convert the Chumby serial port into two PWM outputs

Osman Eralp of Ozbots writes: When I was building my latest Chumby-based robot, I didn’t need the serial port, but I did want PWM signals to control the robot’s wheel motors. Fortunately, the processor pins that are used for the serial (UART) TX and RX pins are multiplexed with PWM outputs. With the proper commands, […]