Thermal Tweeter fail, that’s all folks @dangerousproto

Posted on Friday, July 8th, 2011 in web platforms by Ian

It looks like Thermal Tweeter has come to an end. After 15 rolls of paper the printing is light and the paper isn’t feeding properly. We tried adding some extra delays in the software, but even at 4 seconds delay per line the problems still happen. It’s supposed to have a life of 30 miles of paper, but maybe our rough handling and continuous use damaged it.

More Thermal Tweeter facts and figures.

Watch the paper pile grow.

There’s a video of the broken printing below the fold.

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5 Responses to “Thermal Tweeter fail, that’s all folks @dangerousproto”

  1. Sjaak says:


    Perhaps the unit needs some cleaning? Or we did use an agrressive setting in the init that will burn the printerhead. Is the psu still working?

    :D it was fun though!

    • Ian says:

      That might be it! I touched the PSU and the plastic was soft to the touch because it was so freaking hot. I’ll give it a cool down and try again. I don’t think I have any other hardy 5volt supplies though.

  2. octal says:

    Ian maybe it’s time to stop wasting time and paper ;)

  3. CJ says:

    When that happens to retail-grade thermal receipt printers, they clean the thermal print head with one of these:

    Hopefully that’s all it needs.

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