Web platform back in stock

Web platform v1.1 is back in stock at Seeed Studio.

The Dangerous Prototypes web platform is a tiny server designed for networked hacks where a full PC is inconvenient. There’s lots of interesting projects that bridge the internet to microcontrollers, but most of them have a PC in the middle to handle network stuff. This business card-sized internet appliance can connect to web services, control physical objects from a browser interface, or email sensor status reports; no PC intermediary required!

Get an assembled web platform for $40, including worldwide shipping.

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  1. Raspberry Pi is very exciting, and we are all looking forward to it. It’s a completely different beast though, more like a full computer. The web platform is something a hobbyist could use as a basis for their own custom hardware. Few will be able to hand-solder the Broadcom processor or RAM used on the Pi, and making multi-layer PCBs is very expensive.

    1. Its a package deal for US$25, PnP PCB. I was just comparing the price to performance of both the products.

  2. I would like this board if it used the PIC32MX795F512 instead of a 16bit controller, but it is still a great board.

  3. The raspberry pi pretty much pawned this market so I don’t plan to order any more, thanks for your interest though!

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