Web Platform and FreeRTOS update

Want to try FreeRTOS on the web platform? Join the hacking in progress in the forum. Current projects include a script interface, Telnet server, hardware CRC, and other performance enhancements. Grab the FreeRTOS port for the web platform from SVN. Our SVN tutorial is here. Get an assembled web platform for $40, including worldwide shipping. […]

Prototype: Web platform v1.1

The web platform is a tiny server designed for networked hacks where a full PC is inconvenient. This tiny internet appliance can connect to web services, control physical objects from a browser interface, or email sensor status reports. It’s our go-to board for interactive internet art like the @tweet tree Twitter-controlled Christmas tree. Web platform […]

USB Infrared Toy, web platform back in stock

The USB IR Toy is back in stock at Seeed Studio. Back orders will ship now, and new orders should ship immediately. The latest batch of USB IR Toys has a few minor updates: The IR LED footprint was swapped for a correct version. A plain IR LED instead of the metal-can version. The IR […]

Web platform: uIP TCP/IP stack with multitasking

There’s some new features in  Bonybrown’s  uIP TCP/IP stack project for the web platform. Some notable changes are: The code runs 3 “tasks” that it multitasks between. One for the IP stack, one for the serial port (debugging help) and another for a handler for telnet (port 23). The telnet server task is pretty easily […]

Web platform: uIP TCP/IP stack with interrupts, DMA

Here’s another update on the uIP TCP/IP stack port for the web platform. Bonybrown got the uIP stack to work with interrupts from the ENC28J60, and used DMA to transfer buffers to PIC memory. Performance wise – no real difference I can see from the ping times; theoretically, the biggest improvement will be in “responsiveness” […]

Microchip demo pages on web platform

Trev spent a lot of time hacking and documenting the Microchip TCP/IP stack for the web platform. Trev’s extensive write-up shows how he got these features working: SMTP mail client, email demo HTTP authentication, adding authentication to the email demo MD5 hash demo HTTP2 demo, multiple HTTP connections Custom dynamic web pages More in the […]

MMC/SD/SDHC card library

Hidden away in SparkFun’s AD5330 demo is an open source FAT SD card read/write library from Roland Riegel. The MMC/SD/SDHC card library is intended for AVR microcontrollers, and it supports FAT16 and FAT32, partition tables, and low-level read/write operations.  The source download includes an example application. This project should be pretty easy to port to […]

Web platform server firmware update

The web platform EEPROM and SD card server firmwares have stability problems at full speed, we encountered this bug with the @tweet_tree. Markus Gritsch posted test firmwares that have now been running for over 72hours without interruption. They even work when the PIC and SPI interface are overclocked beyond the datasheet specifications. A single edit […]

Web platform bootloader hacking

Mikael Gustafsson, developer of the ds30 Loader we depend on for lots of projects, spent some time hacking the web platform bootloader. His insights are posted below, you can download his bootloader tests in an archive or from the project SVN. Because of the “long” download times I tweaked the bootloader firmware a little. Changed […]