Pimp your PCB businesscard full color

Here is a nice PCB businesscard @ smdprutser.nl As a good electronic hobbiest tradition I started to design a businesscard from PCB material. Downside of all the businesscards (and PCBs in general) is the limited number of colors you can use: FR4, soldermask (with or without copper behind it), silkscreen or bare copper. Since the […]

Panelization – using GerberPanelizer on Windows (Linux possible)

Arsenijs over at Hackaday.io writes: This tutorial was done on Windows. Authors claim it could also be used on Linux by using Mono, but I haven’t tried and don’t understand a lot about Mono to see what could be done. I am switching to Linux nowadays, so I’d be very grateful to anybody that’d make instructions […]

Bi-directional voltage level translator – Board house test

Lukas Fassler from Soldernerd shares his experience with DirtyPCBs: I can think of a lot of situations where it could be useful. But the main reason for this project was to gain some experience with getting a PCB professionally manufactured by a board house. For several years I have done my own designs but I always milled […]

OTGW panel

Onno designed and built his own OTGW panel with Dirty Board PCBs: Added all together and had a working gateway. This gateway has also connections for status LED’s. However, I didn’t find anything about getting the LED’s connected and build in the housing. So there started the first idea of designing my own PCB. I’m someone who […]

Pressure, temperature and humidity sensor based on MS5637 HDC1080

Mare writes: This is another small module to measure air pressure, temperature and humidity. Two sensors are on-board: MS5637 and HDC1080. Microcontroller is small cortex M0 in TSSOP-20 housing from STM: STM32F070CxP. The SN65HVD72DGKR provides RS485 interface functionality with half duplex mode. Voltage regulator, reverse polarity protection and some LED indicators are provided on-board. Complete […]

Dirty PCBs review from Big Mess o’ Wires

Dirty PCBs detailed review by Big Mess o’ Wires: Now for the key question: were the boards any good? From my inspection, I’d say mostly yes. I spent a long time examining the boards under 10x magnification, and comparing them to my original EAGLE files, and to the Gerbers using gerbv. Probably I’ve never examined any […]

ChipStick – A small scale experimental Forth machine

Ken Boak blogged about his ChipStick PCB build: The ChipStick design has the following features: MSP430FR2433 with 15.5K FRAM and 4K SRAM External SRAM or FRAM device connected via SPI on USCI B0 CH340G USB to serial converter IC on detachable section of board 3V3 voltage regulator Reset Switch and User LED 20 Pin DIL footprint to allow insertion […]

Things to avoid when sending PCBs to the fab house

Sjaak shared some tips when sending PCBs to the fab house: I usually collect a few PCB designs before sending them off to the PCB fabhouse. I prefer to use dirtypcbs.com as I know Ian from dangerousprototypes.com for a long time and think he provides good quality, and fast turn around time for your money. […]

ESP8266 breadboard adapter board

Markus designed a single-sided ESP-12/ ESP-07 breadboard adapter PCB: Features are: – Fits ESP-12 and ESP-07 module – Single-sided self-etchable design – Few, cheap parts in SMD – Breadboard-style – one row on each side accessible – Vin >4.5V (max. 7V) input possible with 3V3 onboard voltage regulator (with two capacitors 10µF) – Power-indicator LED […]

Crystal Ladder filter

Dan Watson writes: Here’s a little board for making a four pole crystal ladder filter. This type of filter has a very high Q and narrow bandwidth, allowing you to select a specific frequency from your signal. Because of the narrow bandwidth, selection of the capacitors and tuning of the filter is important to achieve […]