Dirty PCBs review from Big Mess o’ Wires

Dirty PCBs detailed review by Big Mess o’ Wires: Now for the key question: were the boards any good? From my inspection, I’d say mostly yes. I spent a long time examining the boards under 10x magnification, and comparing them to my original EAGLE files, and to the Gerbers using gerbv. Probably I’ve never examined any […]

Location based development board

Matt Coates of Sky Labs Electronics writes: So here it is! Courtesy of Dangerous Prototypes Dirty PCB service, I have been able to put together and complete the testing of the first prototype of my very own location based development board. So lets talk about what you’re looking at. The board is a 4 layer PCB of dimensions […]

Adrian Jones’ Dirty PCBs review

Why did you choose Dirty PCBs?  Was there something else you liked about them?  Adrian Jones over at WoodUino tried it out: As you can see, I chose a white coating for the boards but they offer many colours at no extra cost. The plating is excellent and the boards soldered easily. The component silk-screen is clear but […]

DirtyPCB Yellow-Panel microgameboy

In this video Stijn Kuipers demonstrates his Yellow-Panel microgameboy: The recent DirtyPCBs.com paneling experiment resulted in a nice new addition to our prototyping toolbox. The yellow panel contains: Wolfsom SMT microphone breakout with small amplifier QFN24-to-dip adapter Freescale K20 TFT backpack (enhanced Teensy3.1 without the bootloaderchip) Freescale KL02Z DIP breakout with microphone USB-testpoint board in USBstick form […]

HandyStick, batch of PCBs from DirtyPCBs

Niels Kjøller Lab writes: HandyStick is yet another small development board with an AtmegaX8 (Atmega88, Atmega168, Atmega328). The board is targeted towards use with vUSB, a software implemented USB stack. My first project is a DIY game pad. It is cheap to manufacture, fitting two on a cheap 5x5cm 2-layer pcb, and using easy-to-source parts. […]

DirtyPCB IKEA Samtid mood-light upgrade

madworm writes: Just wanting to share one of my latest projects, made possible by DirtyPCBs. I got a lot of good boards (actually 2 designs) and saved 25$ using this service. Very nice. It’s a simple thing, just a micro (ATmega168) + a bunch of WS2812B LEDs. Main purpose: more colours :-) It’s meant to […]

Experimenting with DirtypCBs

Here’s Microentropie’s new project a VA meter with boards from DirtyPCBs: I tried the Dirty Board PCBs service I chose Express shipping because in my country standard shipping means waiting 1+ months due to ‘standard‘ customs operations. PCBs are currently travelling. Service until now has been very quick: Sunday 10 Aug 2014 9:58: Order received “Yum yum. […]

Got something dirty in the post today from DirtyPCBs

Aon posted pictures of the boards he ordered from DirtyPCBs in the project log forum: Just received these boards I ordered from dirtypcbs.com two weeks ago. Came with complimentary tweezers and all :D Also received a USB microscope today, so here’s a close-up of a SOT-363 package and some 6 mil traces. The silkscreen seems to be […]

MakeyMakey from Dirty PCBs

TomKeddie writes: MaKeyMaKey was a very successful Kickstarter from some smart guys at MIT. It uses capacitive touch to stimulate USB HID devices using a Arduino Leonardo compatible programming environment. We ran a workshop at VHS in Vancouver Canada in July 2014 building these using PCBs from Dirty PCBs. The design is open hardware, the […]