Free PCBs massive fail, now shipping

Late last year I spun off the Dirty____ source code into a free PCB fulfillment system (Filthy Hole). The system is modeled after – print packing lists and prepaid shipping/address/customs form on 10x15cm labels. It is way easier for the back office to pick and pack, and follows the same workflow as Dirty PCBs. […]

MoteinoMEGA pick & place assembly

In this video Felix of LowPowerLab demonstrates a complete pick & place assembly of a MoteinoMEGA panel: The main things to take from this video are: effective CPH (components per hour) rating is affected in large by several factors like travel from pick position to placement position, travel speed, mechanical alignment in X and Y directions, […]

PCB printer

You can now print your own circuit boards.  Check out this cool Voltera, a circuit board rapid prototyping platform: Circuit Board Printer Print dual layer PCBs on FR4 with 10mil space/trace. Our 20mΩ/sq sheet resistance and conventional soldering makes prototyping a breeze Solder Paste Dispenser Forget stencils. Pop your board in and dispense solder paste onto printed […]

PCB for Raspberry Pi WH1080 weather station

A PCB for Raspberry Pi WH1080 weather station by Andy Ayre of BritishIdeas: Previously I wrote about using a Raspberry Pi to receive 433MHz signals from a WH1080 weather station. This is the mess of wiring I came up with. This worked fine until it stopped. I probably didn’t crimp a wire properly and too many knocks […]

HandyStick, batch of PCBs from DirtyPCBs

Niels Kjøller Lab writes: HandyStick is yet another small development board with an AtmegaX8 (Atmega88, Atmega168, Atmega328). The board is targeted towards use with vUSB, a software implemented USB stack. My first project is a DIY game pad. It is cheap to manufacture, fitting two on a cheap 5x5cm 2-layer pcb, and using easy-to-source parts. […]

Experimenting with DirtypCBs

Here’s Microentropie’s new project a VA meter with boards from DirtyPCBs: I tried the Dirty Board PCBs service I chose Express shipping because in my country standard shipping means waiting 1+ months due to ‘standard‘ customs operations. PCBs are currently travelling. Service until now has been very quick: Sunday 10 Aug 2014 9:58: Order received “Yum yum. […]

Aperture scripting: Panelize and manipulate Gerber files

  Doub has announced the release of the Aperture scripting, a set of Lua libraries to manipulate PCB data files. He writes: At the core of my Gerber Viewer (that you’ve made quite popular, thank you all), there’s always been a set of Lua libraries to load the Gerber and Excellon files, and I’ve privately […]