PICkit3 external dual power supply (3v3-5V) circuit

Giorgos from PCBheaven wrote a post detailing the build of his PICKIT 3 external dual power supply: First of all, why… Why use such a circuit since the PICkit 3 has a built-in power supply software controlled. There are basically two reasons to build this circuit: First of all, it may happen – The internal PSU […]

New scripting tool makes PICkit3 compatible with PICkit2

Microchip released a scripting tool for the PicKIT 3 that essentially turns it into a PicKIT2. Why do that? There’s a huge software ecosystem for PicKIT2, it’s a popular programmer and debugger that’s been around for year. In version 3 Microchip completely changed the PicKIT and made it incompatible with the existing software.  The downside […]