One dollar variable fan controller

Mountaindude has been spending some time lately working on 12V fan controllers and thought he’d share his experiences so far. “While trying out various computer and network gear, I quite often find the fans too loud. They are of course there for a good reason, but experience tells that the device usually works just fine […]

6-Channel intelligent fan controller

An app note on a multichannel fan controller: Intelligent Fan Controller Cost-Effectively Improves System Energy Efficiency and Reliability Provides energy savings by operating fans at the minimum required conditions Improves system reliability Lowers system cost by providing all the functions for controlling multiple fans with one IC Thanks rsdio!

5-channel power-supply manager and intelligent fan control

rsdio tipped us to an app note on power-supply sequencers and voltage trackers: here’s something for cloudform511’s Open Source Laptop, assuming it will need a fan The MAX34441, PMBus 5-Channel Power-Supply Manager and Intelligent Fan Controller Power supply/thermal manager provides unparalleled “black box” failure logging and energy efficient fan control Provides predictable operation of up […]