ESP8266 breadboard adapter board


Markus designed a single-sided ESP-12/ ESP-07 breadboard adapter PCB:

Features are:
– Fits ESP-12 and ESP-07 module
– Single-sided self-etchable design
– Few, cheap parts in SMD
– Breadboard-style – one row on each side accessible
– Vin >4.5V (max. 7V) input possible with 3V3 onboard voltage regulator (with two capacitors 10µF)
– Power-indicator LED
– (Schottky-) Diode as reverse polarity input protection possible (solder 0 Ohm resistor or just connect the two pads for no protection)
-RST, CH_PD, GPIO0 with 4k7 pull-up resistors on board (resistors can be omitted if remote access of those GPIOs is needed)
– GPIO15 with 4k7 pull-down (see above)
– Tactile switch connected to GPIO0 to get into flash mode
– Single post for 3.3V output near voltage regulator

Project info at Wireless Sensor Networks blog.

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  1. Hmmm… Linked post is dated 2/08/2015, so not new. Never-mind that. More importantly, why is there that big floating fill area underneath the SoM for? Is that from a reference layout for a two-sided board and just copy-paste to the single-sided board design? Also, from first inspection I would prefer to see a star single-ground. But that can be an issue if you are restricted to single-sided, unless you add jumpers. Finally, no source files for the design are provided :-(

    All that said… Thank you DP for the post and link, I have not seen this before.

    1. I think he just wanted to reduce the amount of copper etched. I do that for GND (when it’s safe to do so) for home-made boards, and hope to stretch the etchant, less waste.

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