Hackerspaces – the beginning (the book)

Bre and Astera over at Hackerspace blog have assembled a detailed history of the hackerspace movement. Covering from their inception in 2008 to date, what they initially believed would be a 25 page booklet has turned into a 182 MB zip file containing a comprehensive, richly illustrated, community generated account of every aspect of hackerspace […]

Improving open source hardware: Visual diffs

Sebastian send us a link to an article that explains how visual diffs can improve open source hardware. Doing change logs and version control with source code is easy to implement, since it comes down to comparing two text files. While trying to find differences between two revisions of the same hardware is a bit […]

CheapStat open source DIY potentiostat

A potentiostat is an electronic instrument that controls the voltage difference between a Working Electrode and a Reference Electrode contained in an electrochemical cell. Control is achieved by injecting current into the cell through an Auxiliary, or Counter, electrode. Commercial units sell for up to $10,000, but the researchers at University of California (Santa Barbara) […]

Editorial: Upverter, another closed source vampire exploits open hardware for ventrue capital, PR, and profit

Upverter is an online schematic layout program. Among several features, it allows a group to work on a project collaboratively. They were a big presence at the Open Hardware Summit, and have been marketing themselves as the ideal solution for open hardware collaboration. That sucks, here’s why: This is a new class of project we’re […]

Free webinar: OpenStack open source cloud framework

Oreilly is offering a free webinar on the topic of the OpenStack open source cloud framework. Open Source, Devops and Cloudcomputing, none exists without the other. Join Andrew Clay Shafer for a guided tour of the OpenStack projects and ecosystems. He’ll start with the history and context of the project, then walk through the architecture […]

Ford and Bug Labs develop open-source R&D platform

According to Ford Motor Company’s press release, they are partnering with Bug Labs * Ford and Bug Labs, an open-source hardware and software provider, announce a joint development project to research, develop and distribute open-source developer tools to advance in-car connectivity innovation. * Known as “OpenXC,” the research platform is based on Bug Labs’ open-source […]

Microchip open source USB/TCPIP stack competition with $1100+ bounty

Microchip launched the open source USB/TCPIP stack competition. The developer who writes, or ports, open source USB and TCPIP drivers to the chipKIT will receive a $1000 bounty (now $1100 and growing): Prizes look like they’ll be around $1000 for each stack developed/ported and that’s in your pocket. We’ll gross up the amount to cover […]

Microchip responds: A bounty for open source chipKIT support!

A few weeks ago we posted an editorial about the lack of complete open source support for Microchip’s chipKIT Arduino-compatible hardware. Marc from Microchip writes: We’ve been reading the blogs and comments, and do agree with you. Though we are a corporation, with a lot of suits (not really, actually I think we have a […]

InkShield: open Open source inkjet shield for Arduino

Nicholas C. Lewis is developing an interesting Kickstarter project known as the InkShield. This shield allows you to connect a HP C6602 inkjet cartridge to your Arduino turning it into a 96dpi print platform. It only uses 5 pins which can be jumper selected to avoid other shields. It is designed with a Arduino Mega […]

SDR Sunday – monitor web SDRs and decode digital data

Want to try out software defined radio (SDR) before you buy or build a rig? Or do you just want to see what all the ham radio chatters about? Then check out the online SDRs available for your listening pleasure at WebSDR. This unique website lists dozens of online radios which you can click on […]

Google winds down Android app inventor, to open source code

Last December we noted the announcement of the Android App Inventor from Google. Now Google has announced the discontinuance of the project and states that they will open source the code. With the winding down of Google Labs, Google will discontinue App Inventor as a Google product and will open source the code. Additionally, because […]

Editorial: Our friend Microchip and open source

Microchip jumped into open source last spring with the chipKIT Arduino-compatible development boards and open compiler/IDE. They wanted to tap the existing tutorials, enthusiasm, and customer base of Arduino community, and they were going to play nice with open source. A review of the chipKIT situation today is disappointing. The compiler still replies on closed […]

Announcing an open source USB stack for PIC 18F and 24F

Good news everyone! A new free and open source USB stack is now available for PIC microcontrollers. Today we finished testing and prepared a simple echo test that works with PIC 18F and 24F. We hope a demo release will get more developers involved. A release package and overview are in the forum. As always, […]

Chronos controlled door lock

Addidis posted the above short video of his project controlling a door lock using the ez430-Chronos watch. He describes the hardware: Chipkit MAX32 , 2 Xbees, Chronos Control center, and a Chronos watch controlling a servo. (I’m gonna hot glue it to my door knob lock switch and not have to use my key any […]

PZST – an open-source Propeller IDE in development [ Version 1.0.1 released! ]

Andrey Demenev has been developing PZST – an open-source Propeller IDE. Not wanting to use Windows any more than necessary, he wanted to develop an open source Propeller IDE for use with Linux. He states: I have been always using Brad Campbell’s BST for Prop programming, and mostly was satisfied with it. But there are […]

Free webcast: OSCON 2011

OReilly is sponsoring a free webcast entitled, “OSCON 2011: Take-aways, Trends, and Highlights” on Thursday, August 11, 2011 at 10 AM PT. Presenters will discuss their observations from the recently concluded OSCON 2011 event in Portland, OR. In this event wrap-up, OSCON co-chairs Edd Dumbill, Sarah Novotny, and Laurel Ruma will identify and discuss the […]

OsmocomBB: open source GSM software

Osmocom stands for Open Source MObile COMmunications. The crew developing the OsmocomBB (baseband) software project presented the above talk at the DeepSec conference last November in Vienna, Austria. As they describe their efforts: OsmocomBB is an Free Software / Open Source GSM Baseband software implementation. It intends to completely replace the need for a proprietary […]