Arduino-based “Analog” slow cooker controller

Dan Ternes blogged about his Arduino-based controller for analog slow cookers: With the AC power control figured out, I considered the User Interface. I opted for something simple. The Adafruit RGB LCD Shield would work well as it had both a display and buttons built in. Sure, I could have beat this project about the […]

Temperature controller for K-type thermocouple and MAX6675

Chris Holden of Nerd Club has written an article on their DIY temperature controller with a simple menu system: After what seems to have been a very long time, it was nice to poke more wires into a breadboard and make something actually useful for a while! Here’s a simple temperature monitor for our injection moulding heater […]

Feedback and temperature control

jeanmarc78 writes, ” An interesting tutorial about PID which includes the description of a simple method to tune the P, I and D parameters” by Charles D. H. Williams It is important to have an intuitive feel for the ways that feedback can affect a system if you want to design analogue electronic circuits that work well. […]