Carambola2 portable Dropbox uploader

Saulius has been working on this project to use the Carambola2 dev board for portable Dropbox uploading. This eliminates the need for a PC, allowing pictures from a webcam be to uploaded directly using the dev board’s built-in WiFi. Sometimes it’s overkill to use computer with 200W power consumption for 24/7 to do small task […]

FXI demos “any screen” connected computing USB device

Trev writes to inform us of an Android computer in a USB key. This device is now being prototyped by FXI and has been code named Cotton Candy. “The Cotton Candy is a USB stick sized computer device that allows users a single, secure point of access to all personal cloud services and apps through […]

Free webinar: OpenStack open source cloud framework

Oreilly is offering a free webinar on the topic of the OpenStack open source cloud framework. Open Source, Devops and Cloudcomputing, none exists without the other. Join Andrew Clay Shafer for a guided tour of the OpenStack projects and ecosystems. He’ll start with the history and context of the project, then walk through the architecture […]

Free webcast: OpenStack, An Open Source Cloud Framework

O’Reilly is offering a free webcast on OpenStack, An Open Source Cloud Framework. The talk will be presented by Andrew Shafer, whose background is in high performance computing, computational science, embedded Linux development, web frameworks and Agile methods. OpenStack is a global collaboration of developers and cloud computing technologists producing the ubiquitous open source cloud […]

Openstack: open source, open standards cloud

Openstack is celebrating its six month anniversary! OpenStack is a collection of open source technologies delivering a massively scalable cloud operating system. OpenStack is currently developing two interrelated projects: OpenStack Compute and OpenStack Object Storage. OpenStack Compute is the underlying cloud computing fabric controller for the OpenStack cloud. This means that all activities within the […]


Nimbits is a free, social and open source data logging system. It provides a mechanism for recording time series data, such as a changing temperature or stock price, into a data channel called a “Data Point”. Your data is stored on a global cloud computing infrastructure that provides remarkable uptime and scalability. You can download […]